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Message of Sympathy for a Father in Law written for the daughter in law who was the primary care taker.

Message of Sympathy for a father in law written to a daughter in law, who partook in the care of an elderly father  in law. It would comfort and remind her that her care did not go unnoticed by his friends and was of great comfort to the now passed on father in law. Please add any other special memories to this message of sympathy that relate to her father in law. This letter would be appropriate for an elderly person.

Message of Sympathy for a Father in Law written for the daughter in law who was the primary care taker.

Dear Jessica,

I received the sad news that your father in law, my friend died. I always admired how you selflessly took care of his needs and helped him through his ailments as his mobility declined with age.  What a comfort it was for him to have you on his side. It is always sad to say a final good bye to someone you care for, but it must be even more so for a person like you, with such a big heart. I hope you take comfort in the thought that he is now in a good place. Don’t we all wish to be in state of no pain and no sorrow? You’re still young and your sadness will subside with time. I promise you that. 

I want to tell you a secret. During my visits with your father in law, he often whispered to me. “Karl, I have no idea what and where I would be if it were not my daughter in law, Jessica. I’m very blessed.” He told me about the special dinners you prepared, how your sense of humor cheered him up when he fretted about his immobility, how you read to him until he nodded off. It almost made me a little jealous.  What a nice gift to have given him at his age. You do have a way to spread sunshine around. He appreciated all you did for him in a big way. He never felt alone. I hope me telling you this will help you get over the loss.

I believe good deeds we bestow on others will come back to us. My hope for you is that you’ll be rewarded in plenty.

In gratitude over the care you gave to my friend I wish you all the best for the future. Don’t be sad for long.


Karl Shubert

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