Totally Free Ancestry Records – Your Ticket to Totally Free Ancestry Records

Totally free ancestry records, though advertised a great deal online, are not always so easily found. Many sites allow you to search their records, but for access to them you'll either have to subscribe to a membership or pay a once-off price. If you really want to locate totally free ancestry records, you must pay careful attention to detail when entering terms into the Google or whichever search engine you use, and also to be cautious about possibly misleading advertisements. Read through the advice on this page, and bookmark it for future use – it's your ticket to totally free ancestry records.

Use Specific Search Terms When Seeking Out Totally Free Ancestry Records

If you are looking online for totally free ancestry records, why not type that exact phrase into the search engine window? If you add a + mark between each word in your search term, you will only get returns with that specific phrase in them. For instance you would type "totally + free + ancestry + records". Google will only return results for websites that contain that exact phrase. Be even more precise than that though. To weed out those websites that charge you to access their records, add the term "free access" to the aforementioned term. You'll be surprised how many websites from the previous search will be left out, and most of those that are returned will indeed offer totally free ancestry records.

Some Websites Offering Totally Free Ancestry Records

For those of you who may not have the time for an extensive search for totally free ancestry records, we’ve listed a few here for you. has the largest free database of genealogical records in the world. Run by the Mormon Church, they have literally billions of totally free ancestry records available to genealogists, and they are legitimately totally free.

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A great site for totally free ancestry records for British ancestors is Family History UK. A community portal for all genealogists, the site offers many genealogical resources, but especially valuable is their “Wall of Wanted Names” where you can post the name of an ancestor you may be searching. Any other researchers who have data on that person are then encouraged to share that information with you, making this a very unique way of obtaining totally free ancestry records.

Don't Limit Yourself to Online Sources When Searching for Totally Free Ancestry Records

Many people don't realize that most libraries these days are aware of the demand for totally free ancestry records, and do their best to make them available. Some do this by subscribing to the large commercial genealogy websites, thus making those huge databases available to their members. In addition to that, libraries may hold microfilm or microfiche copies of civil records, wills and probates, and other valuable totally free ancestry records. Check with your local library, if they don't offer those items, they may be affiliated with another library that does.

The LDS (Latter Day saints) Family History Centres also offer totally free ancestry records to researchers. You may find one in your area, or the chances are there may be one nearby; there are over 4,000 of them around the world.

These centres are particularly helpful if you are looking for totally free ancestry records from a particular geographical location, a full listing of locations can be found on the website.

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Genealogical Societies usually offer there own database of totally free ancestry records and other valuable resources to their members, so it is well worth joining one. Besides the wealth of resources and genealogical records, many members are professional researchers and are happy to share their experience in order to help you to find ancestors in their totally free ancestry records.

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