January 22nd, 2014

Take Accurate Notes to Improve Your Research Results

The quality and accuracy of the notes you take during your research will very much determine the results you get. Note taking is one of the most important aspects of genealogical research, and includes not just the information on the individual you are researching, but citing the sources from which you glean your info. There is no way we can rely on our memories to retain so much data, so it is important to record our data in a notebook …
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January 15th, 2014

Richard III Even More Mysterious Than We Thought!

In our Blog of February 26, 2013, we revealed how the remains of warrior King Richard III of England were uncovered after years of speculation about where he was buried. As it turns out, there is even more mystery attached to Richard’s burial than initially believed. As it turns out, a second coffin has been discovered in his grave. The strange part is that the second coffin, made of lead, was found inside that of Richard III himself! The second …
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January 8th, 2014

Learning the Language of Obituaries

Obituaries are a valuable genealogical resource. They are the reason I began this website as you may recall. They are basically a written notice of a person’s death, and can confirm not only the date and place of death, but a person’s date and place of birth. Additionally they can reveal information about: Other relatives Where they worked Where they went to school Where they lived Where they may have immigrated from or to Clubs and Organizations they may have …
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January 1st, 2014

Jamaica: Land of Food, Water, and Relatives

Jamaica is known as the land of food and water, but few realize that Jamaicans, according to national census records, are the third largest West Indian immigrant group in the United States, and the largest in Canada. The United States Census of 2000 reported that 736,513 Americans claimed Jamaican descent; the 2001 Canadian census revealed that 211,720 Canadians did the same. New York is the preferred destination of Jamaican immigrating to the United States; those moving to Canada prefer Toronto. …
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December 25th, 2013

Internet Sleuths Use Genealogy research Techniques to Track Down Next of Kin for Coroners

I thought this was a really cool story that really emphasizes the value of genealogical research. Imagine the number of homeless people who die alone each year in America, alienated from their families and friends. Sometimes bodies are damaged so badly in an accident that they are unidentifiable. Though efforts are made to contact next of kin, it is not always possible. Even when a body is not claimed within a 72 hour period, a concentrated effort is made to …
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December 18th, 2013

Genealogy Giants Hit Family History Home Run!

It was recently announced that Familysearch.org and Ancestry.com will be pairing up to place over one billion new genealogy records online. The records that are to be digitized and made available to researchers via the internet are currently part of FamilySearch.org’s microfilm collection held by their Family History Library network. Currently researchers must visit one of the worldwide Family History Centers or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah to access the wonderful collection of records, the largest …
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December 11th, 2013

Fancy a Cruise to Visit Your Caribbean Cousins?

If you have family members in the Caribbean, there is no better time to meet or visit them than now. This year from December 7-14, Cruise Everything, a Fritz Travel Company, will be hosting an Eastern Caribbean Genealogy Cruise on board the Celebrity Silhouette, one of Celebrity Cruise Line’s fantastic new Solstice Class ships. The especially great part of this cruise is that there will be three professional genealogists on board who will be available by private appointment to consult with you …
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December 4th, 2013

Digging Into Death Records

As the research for your family tree begins with the present and then moves into the past, death records are an excellent source with which to begin your research. Death certificates can contain a wealth of information, depending on the country of origin, and they can help you to determine whether or not you are researching the right person. It is also quite easy to find death records online, and consequently they are the starting point for many genealogists. You …
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