July 9th, 2013

How to Research Genealogy Online and Find Records Fast

Finding records is the goal of every genealogist, and locating them online is the initial preferred method. Once you know a record exists, you can order it from the repository that holds the original, but first it must be found. There are many websites that offer free records searches and free this and free that, but is what they offer really free, or real for that matter? Yes, it is true that many of the returns you get when searching for free genealogy records are from websites offering free trials of a subscription, but there are free records available and also sites to help you to learn how to research genealogy online.

Finding Records fast

You can begin finding ancestry records online in no time at FamilySearch.org. They maintain the largest collection of ancestral records in the world. Their collection currently holds over 6 billion records and is growing daily. FamilySearch is run by the Mormon Church (LDS), and is an excellent starting point for anyone tracing their family history. In addition to their massive record collection, they also give excellent advice on how to access them, interpret them, and request copies of them from the various repositories. Their collection is of the highest calibre, and it is recommended you register with them to take full advantage of the superb resources they offer – all for free!

Pick an Ancestor to Search 

The first step to even finding an ancestor is to select one to search for. If you know the name of any relatives who are deceased, choose one that passed away before 1940, as they are the easiest records to find. Some records after that date have not been added to the online databases yet. If you don’t know the name of any ancestors ask other family members to choose one for you. If you can, ask for their date and place of birth or death as well, but don’t worry if you they don’t have that information. A name is enough to start off with, as discovering those other things about your ancestor such as their place of birth, where they lived, or when and where they died, is all part of the fun and challenge of genealogy.

Learn More About How to Search Genealogy Online at Obituarieshelp.org

The genealogy section right here at Obituarieshelp.org has tons of information and advice about how to research genealogy online. Our genealogy pages are chock full of resources with everything from Free Printable Blank Family Trees and Genealogy Forms, to instructional and informative articles about how to research every type of genealogy record.

The best thing about the genealogy resources at Obituarieshelp.org is that they are genuinely free. There is no registration involved, no hidden fees, and absolutely no obligation of any kind. We pride ourselves on being a genuinely free provider of quality genealogy resources, though if you like you can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out about any new free resources we discover, and regularly access award winning content from experts in the field of genealogy.