December 12th, 2009

Researching Your Genealogy Could Make You A Billionaire

Researching your genealogy could result in your inheriting billions, which is exactly what happened to two brothers who were so poor they lived in a cave outside Budapest, selling junk to buy food.

According to the article, the two bothers Geza and Zsolt Peladi, were abandoned by their mother who also severed ties with her wealthy parents. Their mother has since passed on.

The brothers’ grandmother passed away in Germany and her estate rests at over 4 Billion British Pounds. According to German law, every descendent is entitled to a share of the estate. The two men are to inherit a third of the estate each, they have a sister in America that will inherit the final third. For more details, read the article, Brothers living in cave to inherit billions from lost grandmother.

If this story doesn’t get you interested in researching your ancestry, I don’t know what would!. It’s quite possible that a fortune could be waiting for you to claim!

It turns out there are more important reasons for researching your genealogy other just a curiosity about where you came from or a desire to know your family history. What fortunes have been uncovered in your ancestry?