May 27th, 2010

Family Trees are Online Now!

Free family trees available to download for free. No, there’s no catch, just great family tree designs!

Last week I told you a little bit about the Big News at, the family tree templates project that I’ve been working on. But now, all 18 new family tree pages are ready, with plans to put more online in the next while.

The wait is over, you can start downloading any type of family tree you want right now:

Bowtie genealogy trees

Pedigree charts

Circle Genealogy Charts

Sample family trees

Landscape family trees, ancestry charts

Fan legacy family trees

Hourglass ancestry trees

Partner family trees

Free charts, free templates, all designed by Lia Rodriguez, a professional graphic designer with a genuine interest in genealogy, ancestry and family history!

Plus, if you don’t know which type of family tree you want, but you know how many generations you need, we have charts for 3-generations, 10-generations and every number in between:

Three-generation family trees templates

Four-generations family trees

Five-generations pedigree trees

Six-generations blank trees charts

Seven-generations blank family trees

Eight-generations family charts

Nine-generations printable family trees

Ten-generations ancestors trees

I’m very excited about this project and we’ll be adding new sections all the time, we’ve already got plans for scrap-booking family tree ideas and abstract family trees. So keep checking back, there is so much online right now and so much more to come. I’d love to hear about how you are using these family tree templates in your comments below.