November 10th, 2010

New Pages of Extra Large Family Tree Templates Are Online!

Now you can show your lineage in an awesome presentation that spans up to 16ft. Check out my new extra large free family tree templates.  If you’ve ever wanted to display your family history at a family reunion but found it too awkward to lug your files around and show your research on a standard sized family tree, you’ll love these large tree charts.  They come in 8ft and 16ft widths and can be as high as 5.5 ft but the high quality of the PDF allows you to print it out as wide as 45 ft without distortion!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with trying to show my genealogy research on rinky-dink charts and pulling out files of this and that to show my family.  And it’s almost laughable when there are three or four people trying to see the same family tree chart and their heads are bumping.  It’s almost like a Laurel and Hardy slapstick comedy act.

These are extra large wall charts have large spaces for names and additional space you can use to enhance your family tree chart.  So no more bumping heads to get a good look!

Just think about all your research and the files filled with certificates and photos. You may have even found war medals, family heirlooms, maps or newspaper articles regarding your ancestors. And it’s all sitting in boxes collecting dust.  Why not create a display for all of these things?  Really tell the story of your ancestors.

Download it, print it, enhance it, and put it up on the wall. You’ve invested a wealth of time and resources to accumulate the family data that you have, so there’s no sense in skimping when it comes to display.  But it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, the only cost you will incur is the cost to have a professional printer print it out, and you can find some great deals on printing services.

Use the following suggestions to make your family history display a hit at weddings and reunions. Your family will surely appreciate your efforts, not to mention the honor and life you’ll bring to your ancestors.

Download an Extra Large Family Tree Template

Any of the family tree templates you download from can be enlarged without distortion, so even if your family tree doesn’t go back 9 generations, you can still use these suggestions for any of the smaller trees.

But if you want an oversized chart, the first thing you need to do is decide if you need a nine-generation, ten-generation, eleven-generation or twelve-generation family tree chart.  And then download it.  We’ve got lots to choose from and more are coming! Some have decorative borders and others are left with white space you can decorate however you want.  You might need to download and look at a few before you make your choice.

Print Out the Extra Large Family Tree Template

To truly see the magnitude of these large chart family trees and to see how much space you are actually working with, you really need to print them out. You can print these extra large family tree templates using these 3 tips for printing out awesome large family tree templates on your home computer.  But for a really professional look, you should turn to a professional printing service that can print it out on oversized paper or canvas.

If you have it printed out on paper by a professional printer, they will provide you with a cardboard tube for storage. Make sure though that the company who prints out your extra large family tree diagram can do so on acid-free paper, as this will ensure the longevity of your treasured project. You also have the option of having it printed on canvas, which will increase its durability if you’re rolling it and un-rolling it frequently.

Enhance Your Extra Large Family Tree Template

Incorporating photographs of your ancestors is one way to enhance your extra large chart, but you can also use photos of family heirlooms, war medals, houses, and places of residence to name a few. You can add icons, newspaper articles, images, family crests and other personal effects to your project that will fascinate and entertain everyone, even yourself.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

Maps can also be added to your family tree chart, whether it’s a surname map depicting the origin and disbursement of your surname, or small maps of counties or towns from where your relative may have originated. Immigration maps depicting your ancestor’s travels can also add an element of intrigue to family tree charts, and serve as great conversation starters.

Put Your Family Tree Project Up on the Wall

Now you have to decide if you should find a permanent location on the wall for your family tree chart, or if you want to store it in a tube so it’s more portable.   A permanent display should really be framed behind glass or mounted on foam core if possible so it doesn’t get wrinkled or damaged.  A good framer will be able to explain your framing or mounting options to you and show you how to hang it on the wall. If you decide to keep it as a portable display, you may need to invest in heavier paper for longevity and invest in clips for hanging. Either way, before you begin, you need to decide how you want to use your chart.

Personally, mine is work in progress, so I’ve just printed it out and I’m in the process of filling in the names and arranging photographs on it.  I intend to keep it in a tube because my family is spread out across North America and a tube is so easy to transport.

How are you going to enhance and display your family tree chart?