November 15th, 2010

Now You Don’t Have To Be a Professional Genealogist to Access Free Ancestry Records

This has been a long time coming, but finally, the first pages of Free Ancestry Records and Resources are online with more to come in the next few days!

We all know what it’s like, you buy a subscription to an ancestry website with the hope that you will find every document you need to prove your genealogy.  But a few hours or days into it, all you have is a pile of printouts that may or may not be proof positive of your ancestry.

I suspected there was a better way when I first started my own genealogy research.  I mean, really think about it for a minute and ask yourself, how did the subscription site get all those records?  Someone had to have found it, transcribed it, or scanned it and uploaded it to their digital database or website, therefore all of those ancestry records have to be free somewhere.

So I did a lot of digging into the depths of the Internet and spoke to professional genealogists.

Turns out, I was right…there are free ancestry records online!

I’m so tired of seeing people get taken advantage of with high priced resources that don’t have much value for the money. Especially for the hobbyist who is not able to research and use those paid subscriptions everyday.  It just adds up to an incredible amount of money for something you’re not using all the time. 

Through genealogy reseach for my own ancestry, I discovered ancestry resources and vital records available for free.  I’m sharing these free ancestry records, resources, articles and advice with anyone interested in researching their family tree for free.  This section of the website gives a lot of helpful information and points ancestry researchers in the right direction to finding free ancestry records.

Genealogy research can be overwhelming so I’ve tried to keep the information easy to follow by making each article only cover one topic.  You can keep coming back for more information as you need it.  Start by choosing an article and apply all the tips you learn from that article, then come back for more.

And of course, access to this information is absolutely free so anyone can research their family ancestry without spending any money.   And you don’t have to rush to finish before your subscription runs out!

Have a look at the Free Ancestry Records section and let me know what you’d like to see, more how to articles, more advice, more records, more, more, more?