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Using Obituaries to Create a Family Timeline

You've seen timelines used for notable people and institutions outlining important historical events. Usually the year and the date as well as a brief description of the event are included

Where to find Obituaries Online

Many people are confused about where to find obituaries. More and more newspapers are no longer publishing them. People are left wondering where to find recent newspaper obituaries as well as old obituaries

How do I write a funeral resolution?

You have been asked to write and give a funeral resolution at a funeral, but need some guidance as to what to say. The first thing is to make sure you understand what a funeral resolution really is. Some people confuse funeral resolution and eulogy. While a eulogy is

How Genealogists Use Obituaries to Search Online Ancestors

One of the first things genealogists or anyone searching for their ancestry should do is find clues in obituaries. Obituaries are hidden gems of information about people. They are the final report on the life of an individual and contain details about that person's life that may not

Avoid Identify Theft from Obituaries

Identity theft even applies to the dead. Write your obituaries with identity theft in mind because the deceased's identity is an irresistible target for thieves. There are tips that you can follow to avoid identity theft

Avoid Pitfalls when Writing Obituaries

These are the common pitfalls people run into when writing obituaries. These mistakes make the difference between a good obituary and a meaningful obituary. Learn how you can avoid these pitfalls when writing obituaries

How to Handle Delicate Issues When Writing Obituaries

The circumstances of someone's life and death are not always easy to talk about. Especially in an obituary that could be the only article ever written about someone, and used for generations to come for genealogical purposes. What

Obituary Writing Tips

As you write an obituary, there are many things to keep in mind; these obituary writing tips will help you complete the obituary accurately and with a focus more on the life than the death

Writing Your Own Obituary

It may seem a little strange to write your own obituary, but actually, it is the best way to write what you want others to know about you after you have passed on. It is a great way to help your loved ones cope at a difficult time and you

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