Sympathy Flowers – Say More Than Words with Sympathy Flowers


Sympathy flowers are a floral recognition of a bereaved person’s loss. It’s hard to find the words to say at such times, but sending an appropriate arrangement of flowers says what we cannot. Hearing about the death of someone we knew or who was close to one of our friends can be a traumatic experience, often we find ourselves at a loss for words. We don’t want to say the wrong thing, yet we want to make sure we say enough. It’s a difficult situation for anyone, a dilemma easily solved by sending sympathy flowers.

Express Your Feelings with Sympathy Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers is a traditional way of conveying love and comfort to a bereaved family in just about every culture and religion around the world. An archaeological dig that took place in Iraq in1951, uncovered pollen and pieces of flowers around a gravesite, the burials of which were consequently determined to have occurred around the year 60,00 BC. Originally flowers were used to cover the smell of decaying bodies, but today we use them to express our feelings of sympathy and support.

Sending sympathy flowers to either the family home or to the funeral home, let’s those who have lost a loved one know we are thinking of them and are there for them if they need us. If sending sympathy flowers to the funeral home it is best to do it as soon as possible so that they arrive in time to be displayed at the wake or viewing. Flowers sent to the home can be done at anytime up to a month, those that arrive after the funeral service let the family know that people are still thinking about them.

For Those Receiving Sympathy Flowers

If you have recently lost a loved one to death, you will be receiving sympathy flowers. There is no need to attempt responding to them immediately. Those who have send sympathy flowers, cards, and gifts understand what you’re going through, and won’t expect a formal reply. If you get the opportunity you can do so at the wake or visitation, however thank you notes and cards can be written once your grieving period is over. Many people have found that writing and sending thank you notes to those who have sent sympathy flowers had a therapeutic effect on them, helping them to advance through the grieving stage.

The best way of showing thanks for the sympathy flowers you receive is to display them at the wake, funeral service, or in your home. It is not absolutely necessary to display every arrangement for public viewing, though it is a nice way of showing your appreciation. You may receive more arrangements that you can possibly display in the funeral home or church, so keep some at home so that senders can view them when they visit you. Remember though, that this sad time is about you, so don’t overly stress about satisfying everyone else’s wishes.

Order Sympathy Flowers Online

Most people have ordered flowers before; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentines Day are just some of the occasions when flowers are sent. But when death occurs, especially that of someone close to us, our time may be taken up by a multitude of things. Arrangements have to be made for funerals, legal papers must be filed, support given to other family members and friends, consequently sympathy flowers may not be our top priority. There is a way to get everything done however, and ordering sympathy flowers online is one way you can save time and energy.

Most florists have arrangements of sympathy flowers that can be sent out immediately, but they also have the option for you to build your own arrangement. Forming your own combination of sympathy flowers will take a little longer, but it does add a personal touch to your condolences. If you deal regularly with a local florist and they have an online ordering option, it would be wise to deal with them. You already know the quality of their flowers and service, and your relationship with them will make it a little easier to do.

Shopping for sympathy flowers online does provide you with ordering an arrangement that is inspired by how you’re feeling at the time. If you know the favorite color of the person you’re sending the flowers to, it would be a nice touch to choose an arrangement featuring that color. Once you have compared prices online at a few florists, it is a good idea to give the one you decide to go with a quick call to make absolutely sure they have the sympathy flowers you wish to send in stock.

Death is a tragic occurrence that is difficult for every person involved. Sending sympathy flowers can help ease the pain of losing a loved one, while giving us the satisfaction of showing that we care. Later they help to remind us of the deceased and the happy times we shared with them. You don’t have to initially say much to someone who has lost a loved one, you give more than comforting words by sending sympathy flowers.

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