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How Do I Complete 3 – Generation Family Tree Templates?

The great thing about a three generation family tree is that it fits comfortably on a sheet of A4 paper, and can be easily transported to show to friends and relatives. The three generation family tree template can also be used as a base to extend your family history further at a later date. Without overwhelming you with too much data at once, this type of chart can clearly show your lineage extending to your grandparents and be a lot of fun to make.

The three generation family tree will show the connection between you, your parents and your grandparents. We have various types of 3-generatipn family tree templates available for download on our website. Have a look at them and decide which one suits your needs the best. Bowtie and hourglass charts are very practical for this form of display, while fan charts and circular charts may also be used. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

FAMILY TREE TEMPLATES: Free high quality 3-generation family tree templates

How to start organizing your information for the family trees chart?

For now, simply write out the names of the family members you’re going to insert into the chart and give them each a number. Starting with you as number1, label your father number 2, mother number 3, father’s dad number 4, father’s mom number 5, mother’s dad number 6, and mother’s mom number 7.

Now using a bow tie chart as an example, designate the centre circle number 1. Number the space to the left 2, the one to the right 3. Now, to the left of space number 2, designate the upper area the number 5, the lower number 6. On the right and to the right of space 3, designate the upper area number 6, the lower number 7. You are now ready to begin entering the data for your 3 generation family tree.

How to fill in the three-generation family trees chart?

Focusing back on the list you have written out, all you have to do is simply put each numbered name into the space of the corresponding number. You should be number one on the list, enter your name in space number 1 on the chart.

Your father should be number 2, enter him in space number 2 and do so for each of the remaining names.

This same numbering system can be used with any of our free 3 generation family tree templates. Always remember that you will be the first person entered and will consequently be number one. If you number the rest of your relatives as I have instructed you can’t go wrong. Consequently your family tree will be filled out in the standard method used by genealogists today known as the Ahnentafel system.

Once you have filled in all of the names in the proper order, you can enter the related info such as birth and death dates if applicable and locations. Make sure you use full names (First, Middle and Last) when completing any of the three generation family tree templates. This will ensure you will have no confusion if you discover ancestors of the same or similar names when you extend your search to further generations.

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