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Words of Condolences Letter for Mother Sample Four

Words of condolences letters for the passing of a mother are so important to send. There are few other losses as great as the death of a parent. Find a good sample condolence letter and then make it your own by filling in specific details about the specific person.

Words of Condolences Letter for Mother Sample Four

Dear Susan,

I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your mother. I wish you strength during these difficult times.

Your mother was a great role model and has such an open mind about everything. I'll never forget the conversation we had about me returning to university in my 40's. I was concerned that I'll be 48 when I finish and she said to me, "You'll be 48 years old whether or not you go to university, but you will have learned so much and experienced so many more things if you do go." That night I filled out the application form and sent it in. I have never looked back. She had no idea how powerful those words were to me. And there are many other stories like this that I've heard from other people when they talk about your mom.

I've always known you to be strong and confident. Your mother taught you how to make your way in this world with or without her. Now that she is gone your strength will be challenged, but know in your heart that her wisdom is always there; it's a part of you.

Your mom was a wonderful cook and always had a pot of tea and homemade treats ready for anyone who happened to stop by. It was with that memory that I decided to send you this food basket. Please accept this basket in sympathy and in memory of your mother. Save the treats and tea for yourself or open them up for guests when they come to pay their respects.

With Sincere Condolences,


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