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I started when I realized that there are very few really good resources out there for people who are grieving. At a time when you are at your saddest and most distraught, some guidance and help is all you need. And that is what is most lacking from the Internet.

There are times when all you need is a Newspaper Obituary of someone you know or a Celebrity Obituary but having to go through pages of search results can be so time consuming. And, the best way find out about your ancestors is to search old obituary archives and other vital statistic reports.

Then there are those times when you have to write or say a few words of sympathy or pass on your condolences to a grieving family. What do you say or write? And sometime sending just the right gift can be so hard - flowers again? I want to show people that there are alternatives to the typical gifts. I've put it all together and I hope it helps make this difficult time a little easier.

I hope that you find a helpful resource to you whether you are simply browsing through obituaries, building a family tree, or have the unfortunate task of writing an obituary for a deceased loved one.

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About Me

A few years ago, my dad had serious complications while having surgery. He was in Intensive Care for 10 days and we did not think he was going to make it. I was given the task of preparing his obituary, just in case. So I set out to write an obituary, but I had no idea how to do it. I turned to the Internet and soon became frustrated and overwhelmed by the lack of real, usable information to guide me.

I found information on all sorts of topics that related to illness, death, obituaries, sympathy and condolence. But it was all just a jumbled mess of websites and fact sheets.

I wrote up a draft based on what I thought his obituary should say, and soon after, he began a long slow recovery. Two years later, he is almost back to full health, but I know the day will come when I'll be asked to write his obituary again. This time, I'll be prepared.

I've catalogued all the information I found and I am constantly finding new information. is a work in progress. I'll be adding to it weekly until becomes the one unified source online for Funerals, Obituaries, and Sympathy and Condolence resources.

I'm always looking for resources to add to this comprehensive list. So I need your help. If you have any comments, suggestions or if you would like to advertise on, please fill out the Contact Us Form.