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It isn’t easy to plan a funeral. The challenge is finding the right resources and the best prices at a very sad time. If you’ve lost a loved one, or if you’re preplanning your own funeral, you’ll find proven techniques for saving money in this risk-free instant download, the Funeral Planning Guide and Bonus Funeral Planning Checklist.

This book was carefully researched to help you memorialize your loved one without overspending or looking cheap. It’s packed with tips and resources, practical advice, shortcuts and step-by-step instructions on how to plan a low cost funeral.

For a limited time, the book will be available for instant download at the low price of $14.99. Order now to secure your copy. Plus you'll get the bonus Funeral Planning Checklist, absolutely free. The checklist contains a detailed list of goods and services you won't want to forget, plus a list of odd jobs that you'll need people to do to make the funeral run smoothly.

What no one in the funeral industry will tell you:

  • 25% of funeral homes are breaking the law.
  • The mark up is 300%-1000% for everything you get at a funeral home.
  • Asking the right questions will save you thousands.
  • Funeral homes are designed to trick you into buying more than you need.
  • Families have lost their homes to pay for their loved one’s funeral.
  • The funeral industry makes 30 billion dollars every year, more than 3x what Hollywood makes.
  • Many cemeteries "stack" caskets on top of one another to save space so they can sell more plots.
  • The seals on caskets are broken before the deceased is buried.
  • Some funeral homes double charge you but use a different description for the same service.
  • When you order through some funeral homes, they charge you the top price but give you the low end product.

This book is based on 3 years of research to discover proven money saving funeral planning strategies

Finally the definitive guide to low cost funeral planning is available for purchase. This long awaited 120-page e-book is the result of years of research and months of writing. By reading this book, you’ll find out how to find the good funeral directors and protect yourself from overpriced funeral homes and overpaid funeral directors. Even if you are dealing with an ethical funeral director, you’re going to need this book to help you keep your funeral costs low.

Here's a Sneak Peak at What's Inside the Funeral Planning Guide

In this book, you’ll learn proven strategies that you can begin implementing immediately, including:

  • Loopholes in the law that benefit funeral providers and how to get around them, on page 29.
  • The biggest scam that funeral directors try to pull on you and what you can do to stop them, on page 36.
  • The 5 questions to ask a funeral director and how to judge their answers to see if they are ethical or not, on page 40.
  • What you should never let a funeral director do before you’ve finished negotiating the funeral, on page 43.
  • The number one way to save the most money on a funeral, on page 48.
  • The different types of preneed funerals and should you get one, on page 50.
  • The clauses that need to be in your preneed contract, on page 55.
  • The best way to keep Medicaid from seizing your funeral funds if you have to be hospitalized, on page 57.
  • 4-steps to planning a funeral service, on page 68.
  • How to choose cremation or burial and which is the best for you and your budget, on page 75.
  • What scams to watch out for when choosing a cemetery or mausoleum on page 78.
  • The ugly truth about embalming and why you should always say 'no' to embalming, on page 83.
  • How a $14.00 gasket could end up costing you an additional 3000.00+ on the price of a casket, on page 90.
  • Common insults funeral directors will say to you to get you to buy a more expensive casket and how to be prepared for those insults, on page 93.
  • What you need to know before you donate your loved one’s body to medicine or science, on page 97.
  • How to hold a Green Funeral and if a Green Funeral is right for you, on page 103.

Secure your copy for the low introductory price of $14.99

Save on funeral costs by knowing what to ask and how to negotiate with funeral directors

No hidden agenda, no affiliations with funeral homes, just good sound funeral buying advice from someone who’s learned a thing or two about the funeral industry.

Don’t be caught paying too much and having to sacrifice for years to come. Some funeral directors are driving around in expensive cars and living in nice homes, all paid for by people like you. This book will keep your money where it belongs, in your hands.

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This valuable combination of Funeral Planning Guide and Funeral Planning Checklist has over 130 pages of funeral preplanning advice and tips. These two books ensure that you will not forget one detail when planning a funeral.

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Funeral Planning Guide

e-Book Version 3.0 - $14.99

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Saved a Bundle
By Michael

"The Funeral Planning Guide showed me all the ways that some funeral people try to screw the average guy, like me. When I went into the funeral parlor to arrange my Lilly’s funeral, I was prepared. They tried to sell me one of those package deals and they quoted me $6450.00. Lilly just wanted a simple closed casket service and to be buried at St. Michael’s. Thanks to the tips in this book, the whole funeral ended up costing only $3675.00. I saved a bundle."

This Book is Amazing
By Esther on June 2, 2010

"After having just finished arranging my aunt’s funeral, I decided to prearrange my own funeral. The tips in this book are amazing and there is so much information that I just didn’t know even after arranging a funeral. I’ve calculated that I’ll be saving over $2000.00 already and I haven’t even finished reading the book."

Tips are Excellent
By Elizabeth on May 27, 2010

"The tips for choosing a funeral home are excellent. Without that chapter, I would have gone with the first place I visited and spent at least $4000.00 more for the direct burial package."

Gave me Confidence
Joyce on May 22, 2010

"When my husband passed away, I didn’t know what to do or where to start. My husband was the one who took care of big purchases in our household. This book laid it all out for me and gave me the confidence to make these big decisions without my husband. I organized everything on the checklist before I went to the funeral home. I didn’t let them talk me into getting anything I didn’t want. I don’t know exactly how much I saved, but I do know that my husband would have been proud of me."

Home Funeral
By Denise on May 12, 2010

"I had never heard of a home funeral until I read the Funeral Planning Guide. But after reading about how to prepare for a home funeral, my brother and I decided that we wanted to have a home funeral for Dad. We held the funeral in my house with a two-day vigil where family and friends came and paid their last respects. After the service where Pastor Francis and many of Dad’s friends said some really nice things about him, we took him to be cremated. It was a lovely and peaceful way to say goodbye. I wish I had done this when Mom had passed away."

Saved over $3000.00
By Gaylene on April 20, 2010

"The Funeral Planning Guide was so full of great ways to save money, but I didn’t have enough time to read it all. I skipped to the last chapter where there is a list of the top 19 money saving tips. I only used 5 of those tips and I still saved over $3000.00 on my uncle’s funeral."

Mom would not have wanted it this way.
By George on March 15, 2010

"My sister and I had to arrange our mom’s funeral after she died. A funeral director was at the hospital and we were so relieved that we didn’t have to go looking for someone. Boy, were we wrong, he must wait at the hospital for people to die, because he saw us coming. We ended up spending about $16,000.00 with this guy. If I had bought this book earlier, we could have cut that in half, easily. We just didn’t know what to do. I regret spending that money on a casket and viewings and things we could have bought for less."

Holding on, but prepared
By Thomas on March 2, 2010

"My wife has been fighting cancer for two years now and she is slowly losing the battle. She insisted that we make some plans for her funeral before she goes. We read the book and filled out the Funeral Planning Checklist together and now we have every detail planned down to the color of flowers, and who she’d like to say a few words. As much as I was dreading making these arrangements, I actually think it brought us closer together. And after she passes, I’ll know exactly what she wants."

Get your copy of the Funeral Planning Guide and the Funeral Planning Checklist today.