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Increase exposure to your website and sell more products or services, with the tremendous advertising opportunities on If you are in any one of these businesses or a related field, our visitors are looking to buy from you:

Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Financial Planners, Funeral Homes, Ministers of Religion, Hairdressers, Retail Clothing, Food Service, Greif Counselors, Florists, see a complete list of businesses below.

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An Incredible Offer: Unlimited Impressions Advertising on is getting lots of targeted traffic every month, and those numbers are growing fast! What does this mean for you? The more people we get to our website, the more people who see your ad, the more people who become familiar with your company name and the more people who become your customers. And for a limited time, there is no cap on the number of times your ad appears on our website.

It's a win-win situation. We get to continue to offer great content, which further increases the number of visitors we get, and you get to sell more stuff. The number of people who visit us is growing exponentially every month, in July alone we experienced 20% growth* in the number of visitors. That means your ad will get more and more impressions and your website will get more and more traffic every month from the ads you place here.

Why are we offering Unlimited Impressions Advertising?

My name is Melanie and I am the Webmaster of But I can't do it all myself so I have a fantastic group of volunteers who help me. One thing that keeps my volunteers so busy is all the emails from our visitors asking about where they can get supplies for funerals, who they can contact about getting wills done and countless other inquiries. I've put a list together of most of the businesses that we get asked about everyday. You can see the list below.

Even with the tireless efforts of my volunteers, it still costs a lot to run this website and if you have a website, you know what I mean. We try to respond to as many inquiries as we can, but sometimes it's just not possible. So Morene, a volunteer who's been with me since the beginning suggested that we allow advertising on She said, "If we let businesses advertise, then our visitors can find the products and services they need quickly and we can focus more on writing content rather than answering emails about where to get certain products."

I'm not one to argue when I hear a good idea, so with the help of some excellent software developers, we've got a state of the art Pay Per Click System installed and ready for your ads.

Why Advertise on

I started this website to help people when they are at their lowest, when they've lost someone they love and they have no place to turn, when they need so much but don't know where to start. Since going online, and its volunteers have helped thousands of people find the right condolence words, the obituary of a loved one, or helped them begin to trace their family tree.

But what they really need, is the support of local and online businesses to lend a helping hand when they are too distraught to search for just the right sympathy gift, or wreath, or when they need be prepared for a death in the family. That's why advertising on is exactly what your business needs to do. Our visitors are looking for businesses to buy from. I get emails everyday from people asking my advice on where to buy.

Let's face it, no one ever wants to talk about death, grief and sympathy, but everyday someone is having to plan a funeral, go to a funeral, send a sympathy gift or even get their house ready for visitors who are coming for a funeral. All these people are touched by death. Make it easy for them to get the things they need when someone dies.

When a loved one dies, people begin to think of all the things they wished they'd have asked that person. A death in the family often spurs on a discussion of Family Trees and many people get inspired to research their ancestry and genealogy. Genealogy products and services are also in high demand. Putting your ads on will benefit so many people who need your products and services.

Our Offer to You

For a limited time, we're offering a great deal on advertising on You get an unlimited number of impressions and you only pay $1.50 per click. What this means is, your ad will appear on our website as many times as possible everyday. When someone clicks on the ad, you only pay a flat fee of $1.50 for each click.

  • You don't pay for impressions.
  • You don't have a cap on impressions
  • All you pay for is clicks
  • You can control how many clicks you get each day
  • Contact me, Melanie about setting up your account.
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The Advantage of Unlimited Impressions

Unlike Google or other Pay Per Click models, you don’t pay for impressions and there is no cap on the number of impressions your ad can receive each day. Your ad on is seen by an unlimited number of people. We get over 400,000 page views a month, so your ad could be seen 400,000 times a month.

  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. And everyone knows that if your ad gets clicked, that person leaves and becomes a potential customer on your website.
  • You also have a tremendous branding opportunity for your business by getting your company name in front of hundreds of thousands of people every month.

But this offer is only available for a short time.

With a deal like this we won't be able to give away Unlimited Impressions Advertising for long. Once it catches on, ad space is going to fill up fast and even though we have a big website, space is limited. So Contact me, Melanie about setting up your advertising account to lock in your Unlimited Impressions Advertising or you can start advertising in minutes, sign up online now to advertise on ObituariesHelp.

State of the Art Pay Per Click Management

We've installed a state of the art Pay Per Click management system that protects you, the advertiser from some of the common problems of other Pay Per Click systems. We all know that click fraud is a big problem with most Pay Per Click models, but with our system, you'll be getting the latest in advanced security for the prevention of Click Fraud. Download General Advertising Specificationsnow to find out more.

We believe that you should get what you pay for, real results. You can log on to your account and see the results for yourself. Detailed reports generated by the Pay Per Click Management System help you get the most from your marketing dollar. Here are some of the features you can look for when you start advertising on

  • Create your own account on our Pay Per Click Management System with your own username and password
  • Create your ad in just a few minutes (or for a small fee, we'll do it for you)
  • Full control over advertising campaigns
  • Choose which page or pages you want your ads to appear
  • Choose countries you want your ads to appear
  • Keyword matching and keyword support
  • Daily budget capping
  • Detailed reports of campaign activity
  • Extensive security measures against click fraud
  • Secure log in and password storage
  • Payments through PayPal

Why this is such a great deal? reaches thousands of people each day. All of those people are potentially your customers. Currently, we are the number one source for sympathy and condolence ideas online today, with a growing number of resources in our Obituaries, Funeral and Genealogy Sections. Statistics show that if you have valuable content on a webpage, your ads are noticed and get clicked more often than when there is little or valueless content on a page. Use our content to your advertising advantage.

More than 400,000 page views each month*

That's over 400,000 opportunities for your ad to be seen. Because of the valuable content offered on each page, your ad will get noticed. Our average page view per visitor is five pages. Statistics show that if you have valuable content on a webpage, your ads are noticed and get clicked more often than when there is little or valueless content on a page. Drawing on traffic from hundreds of sources, generates over 400,000 page views each month. Use our content to your advertising advantage.

Choose which pages you'd like your ads to appear

With Google Adwords, you have no control over where your ad appears. With our advertising, you can choose the exact section of you'd like your ad to appear. And you can take it one step further; you can decide which ad space on those pages you'd like your ads to appear.

A Special Early Bird Bonus

As a special bonus, choose any webpage or section of for advertising and if needed, we'll update the content on that page so you get more relevant traffic.

Ad sizes and locations:

On every page you can choose which space you want your ad to appear. The ad sizes are as follows and the locations are as they appear on this page.

336x280 Large Rectangle - the most visible ad space.

300 x 250 - Medium Rectangle - in our articles section and other content pages throughout the website.

468X60 Banner - the most popular ad space.

160x600 Wide Skyscraper - a traditional sized ad space, offers branding opportunities.


728x90 - Leader Board - in our case it's a footer board, right above our highly used footer navigation. Audience Demographics

Over 55% of our visitors are college or university educated people who are comfortable with online services. Their comfort with the Internet and education level means they will make a larger number of online purchases. How do I know this? Well for one thing, over 40% of our visitors earn $60K - over $100K. Here are more statistics about our visitors:




$30K - $60K27%
$60K - $100K 30%
$100K +10%


Graduate School10%


50+57% appeals to such a diverse group of people, all with the need to buy your products. There are the teenagers with summer jobs and disposable income, the older people who are planning for the future and all the people in between who are looking for great deals and good companies to buy products and services from.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. There are only 7 steps to the sign up process. Sign Up to Advertise on ObituariesHelp Here’s what you need to know:

  • Step One: Create your ad. Follow the instructions online or download General Advertising Specifications for detailed instructions Link to Ad Spec Sheet.PDF
  • Step Two: Select Countries. Decide which countries you want your ads to appear in and then select them.
  • Step Three: Select Keywords. On this page you will decide where on you’d like to place your ads, and make a list of keywords so that your ad will appear on related content pages.
  • Step Four: Costs and Budget. Here you enter the cost per click. Enter $1.50 and your daily budget.
  • Step Five: Review Your Selections. Here you get to read over what you have selected on each of the previous steps and make changes if you need to.
  • Step Six: Create Account. Create your username, password and enter in your contact information.
  • Step Seven: Fund Account. Payments are securely made through PayPal. To get started, a minimum payment of $500.00 is required.

A Special Promotional Offer

Right now, for a limited time, I'm making a special promotional offer. I want to offer my visitors the best that the Internet has to offer in the funeral, death, sympathy and genealogy industries, so they can get the products and services they need when someone they love has died.

Advertising of this nature usually has a higher price tag attached, with upwards of $3.50 - $15.00 per click and a limit to the number of impressions your ad can receive. But you're not going to pay that, and there are no restrictions. You can take advantage of my limited-time, introductory offer of Unlimited Impressions Advertising for an initial investment starting at $500.00.

This is a really great deal, but it won't be available for long. As a matter of fact, I don't know how long I can keep giving away Unlimited Impressions. I'd hate for you to miss out, so please sign up online or contact me right away and we can get your account set up and at least one ad running.


Melanie Walters

The Fine Print:

  • Please give us at least three days to approve your ads.
  • We will have to approve all ad content before placing it on our website.
  • A minimum of $500.00 advertising budget is required to start running ads.
  • Payments must be made in advance.
  • Advertising budgets over $5000.00 should contact Melanie directly for more special offers.
  • Each click costs $1.50 regardless of placement.
  • Unlike Google and many other PPC models, we give you more latitude. You can use words like "best," "finest" and so on.
  • For an additional fee, a professional Pay Per Click Ad Copywriter can write your ad. Ad Copy Rates are $100.00 per ad.
  • All ads are text ads at this time; we will be offering image ads and an exiting combination of image and text ads in the next three months. Download the General Advertising Specifications sheet now.
  • Advertisers who lock in the Unlimited Impressions Advertising will be given two weeks notice as to when this offer expires. Two weeks after notice is given, there will be a cap placed on the number of impressions any ad can receive in a month.
  • When we do have to put a cap on impressions, you'll be given preferential treatment because you signed on early. You can continue to advertise on and we will present a special renewal promotion at that time, just for signing on with us now.
  • Sign up on line to advertise on

Who should advertise on

If you stop to think about how many people are involved after the death of someone, then you'll see the powerful advantage of advertising with us. It's an uncomfortable truth, but everyone at some point will be involved with a funeral or need to help someone involved with a funeral. The number of potential customers out there is almost unfathomable. Advertising on, puts your company name in front of those potential customers.

Here are some of the businesses that should be taking advantage of this great opportunity, there are more, but we've pared down the list to preserve space on this page:

Accountants Estate evaluations Home loans Personal shopper
Air conditioner installers Eye care House cleaning services Pet boarding kennels
Appraisers Eyewear/Eyeglasses House painters Pet cemeteries
Audio-visual services Financial planners House sitting services Pet crematoria
Banks and Financial Institutions Fire extinguishers Indoor plant care Pet coffin makers
Beauty care Flowers Invalid aids Pet funerals
Bereavement counseling Footwear Insect screens Pet shops
Bereavement gifts Funeral Accommodation Investment services Podiatrists
Builders Funeral brokers Irrigation consultants Photograph albums
Burglar alarms Funeral caterers Jewelers Photographers
Calligraphy Funeral celebrants Ladies' wear Plastic surgery
Candle makers Funeral Directors Landscape gardeners Prepared funerals
Car dealers Funeral florists Lawyers Private nursing services
Car detailing Funeral Homes Legal advice Probate planning
Car rentals Funeral information Legal firms Rare book dealers
Cataract surgery Funeral insurance Life Coach Real Estate Agents
Caterer Funeral music Limousine services Registered charities
Cemeteries Funeral organists Linen Rental Retail Accessories
Chiropractors Funeral plans Locks and locksmiths Retail Clothing
Cleaning services Funeral recording Magnets and materials Retirement homes
Clothing: formal wear Funeral stationary Makeup Retirement planning
Collectables & Memorabilia Furniture removal Massage therapy Retreats: health
Complementary medicine Furniture rental Mattress cleaning Retreats: holidays
Cosmetics Garden maintenance Memorial products Skin care
Crematoria Gourmet shops Men's wear Skin treatment
Coffins & caskets Grave maintenance Milliners Slimming treatments
Crematorium urns Gifts Ministers of Religion Smokers treatment
Cruises Grief Counseling Monumental masons Solicitors
Day spas Hairdressers Motorcar evaluations Sunglasses
Dieticians Handbags Movers Televisions
Domestic help services Handyman services Naturopaths Temporary agency
Dry cleaning Hat makers Nursing homes Veterinary Services
Duct/Air Vent Cleaning Headstone makers Opticians Wake Venues
Emergency respite Health care equipment Optometrists Wills and Probate
Equity finance Health foods and products Organizers Window Cleaning
Estate auctioneers Hearing aids Packing Supplies  
Estate jewelers Hearses Party Rentals  
Estate planners Holistic medicine Personal Assistant  

*Traffic Analysis based on July 2009 - Google Analytics