Absolutely Free Ancestry Search – Is There Such a Thing As An Absolutely Free Ancestry Search?

You don’t see "Absolutely Free Ancestry Search" advertised much on the Internet, but they are out there. Several websites have blossomed on the Internet to provide free ancestry searches for both budding and seasoned genealogists. Many of these sites that provide an absolutely free ancestry search are subject specific, and specialize in particular records. Other websites are simply directories providing links to online databases that aren’t really free. In this article I’ll review several of those websites to help you determine if what they offer is indeed an absolutely free ancestry search.

Absolutely Free Ancestry Search at Free UK Gen

The fact that all of the resources accumulated and offered by FreeUKGen are compiled and transcribed by dedicated volunteers allows them to offer an absolutely free ancestry search. This is a relatively new website, and its databases are being constantly updated. Though it deals specifically with British ancestry records, it is a very valuable genealogical source; as after all, many of us have British ancestors because the British colonized both America and Canada, so it’s quite possible that we may find ancestors amongst the UK records.

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As advertised, FreeUKGen is an absolutely free ancestry search destination. The project was begun in the late 1990’s, and the first database to be made available with their absolutely free ancestry search was presented to genealogists in 1999. FreeUKGen is actually the mother site of the FreeBMD, FreeCEN and FreeREG sites, which provide family historians with an absolutely free ancestry search of Birth, Death and Marriage Records (FreeBMD), Free Census Reports (FreeCEN), and Free Baptism, Marriage, and Burial Registers (FreeREG). All of these sites provide their own specialized absolutely free ancestry search, and should not be missed by genealogists.

Absolutely Free Ancestry Search at Access Genealogy

From its unpretentious beginnings as a tiny family project, Access Genealogy has become a major source for those seeking an absolutely free ancestry search. Their databases contain millions of ancestry records which are of immense value to genealogists searching ancestors of Native American origin. This is another site manned by dedicated volunteers who spend their time transcribing records so that we can benefit from an absolutely free ancestry search.

Their free databases contain Native American Census Reports, Indian Names Lists, information on Canadian Tribes and School and Seminary Records. Besides an absolutely free ancestry search, the site features a wealth of interesting historical information, and commentaries on Native American culture and life style.

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As a final note, I might mention that it is important to not overlook off-line resources such as libraries, national archives, family history centres and genealogical societies if you want to conduct an absolutely free ancestry search. Make use of every free tool that you can find, and you’ll find that it is quite possible to conduct an absolutely free ancestry search.

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