Ancestry DNA Tests – The Genographic Project and Ancestry DNA Tests

Did you ever wonder where you really come from? Well, ancestry DNA tests are being used to answer that question for everyone in the world! Ancestry DNA tests indicate that all humans have descended from a specific group of African Ancestors who began spreading throughout the rest of the world around 60,000 years ago. Find out how the Genographic Project, spearheaded by the National Geographic Society, is uncovering the migratory history of the entire human race with the aid of Ancestry DNA tests.

Genographic Project Utilizes Results of Hundreds of Thousands of Ancestry DNA Tests

High tech equipment and advanced computer and laboratory analysis are being used to investigate genetic samples from hundreds of thousands of ancestry DNA tests. These samples have been provided by volunteers from around the world. The huge scope of this project makes it the largest of its kind ever undertaken, and the generosity of those who have donated the results of their ancestry DNA tests is helping scientists to paint a vivid picture of human migration from the beginning of man's history to present.

The project is being led by Dr. Spencer Wells and a crack team of international scientists and leading IBM researchers. The team are using the latest and most advanced techniques and technologies available to analyze the results of ancestry DNA tests to categorize particular DNA patterns from populations spanning the globe. The project has a three-point approach to its research, which are;

  • Gathering Data From Indigenous Peoples Around the World
  • Inviting the General Public to Contribute the Results of Their Ancestry DNA Tests to the Project
  • Raise Money to Support Indigenous Restoration and Conservation Projects

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The Genographic Project will use monies from the sales of its Genographic Project Public Participation Kit to fund its support of related indigenous projects, while a portion of any cash raised will be funneled into further field research studies. Those who donate the results of their ancestry DNA tests will remain anonymous, and the finding will be placed in the public domain.

How Your Ancestry DNA Tests can Help the Genographic Project

Until the project began in 2005, the scientific community had access to only around 10,000 results of ancestry DNA tests from indigenous peoples from around the world. This limited the ability of researchers to fully contemplate human migration patterns in depth, but now with hundreds of thousands of samples to analyze, a much broader study can be undertaken. Many of the ancestry DNA tests have been performed on indigenous and native peoples, but the entire general public is being invited to submit to genetic ancestry testing. Your involvement will aid the project in extending the scope of its study to include the entire human race.

The results of all ancestry DNA tests will be used for an in depth analysis of a person's maternal or paternal ancestral lineage to determine the migration paths of their ancestors for thousands of years. You will also learn what branch of the human race family tree you are a part of (haplogroup), and depending on your haplogroup, a wealth of interesting ancestral knowledge. Keep in mind though that this is not a genealogical study, you won't learn about recent generations of ancestors like your great-great grandparents or such, but those from thousands of years ago.

The results of the ancestry DNA tests donated to the Genographic Project are of immense value to the scientific community and the human race, and your participation is warmly welcomed.

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Donating the results of your ancestry DNA tests to the National Geographic Societies’ Genographic Project will make you an accomplice to one of mankind’s most important studies. This is a real-time project, meaning that it is current and ongoing, and the results of your ancestry DNA tests are just the beginning of this incredible journey into the history of human migration. Visit the website of the Genographic Project to find out how you can donate the results of your ancestry DNA tests to further the knowledge of mankind.

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