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Funeral Advice Articles

Funeral services vary and require a lot of planning at a very difficult time. Whether you are writing a eulogy or want to know more about a funeral resolution, you'll find the advice you need in our articles below.

Funeral Advice Articles

Burial Insurance – Top Tips for Buying Burial Insurance

The subject of burial insurance is not a pleasant one by any means, but death is something we will all eventually face, and consequently such subjects must be considered at some point in our lives. Preparing ... read more

Final Expenses Funeral Insurance – Considering Final Expenses Funeral Insurance

Final expense funeral insurance may not be at the top of your list of priority expenses. In fact, the reality of today’s economy is that it’s hard to put aside money for anything. But inevitably we will all be saddled with ... read more

How do I write a Eulogy?

You have been asked to write and present a eulogy; you don't know where to start and what to do. What you need is a step-by-step guide to writing a eulogy for a funeral. In this article you will discover the easy way to write and prepare a eulogy in the most difficult of times ... read more

How do I write a funeral resolution?

A funeral resolution is an official church document that will be stored in the church archives and must follow a specific format. There are specific aspects that must be included and are outlined here ... read more

Funeral Insurance – 5 Tips for Finding Affordable Funeral Insurance

Everyone is a little uncomfortable talking about things like funeral insurance and death, but a funeral is an inevitability of every human being. Though it may be a bit distasteful, it still makes good sense to ... read more

Funeral Insurance - Pre-Need or Final Expense Funeral Insurance

If you have been considering funeral insurance, you may be confused about which type of policy or plan is best for you. There are policies and plans which can cover everything from total final expenses to ... read more

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