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Genealogy, Ancestry and Family Search Articles

Genealogy, Ancestry and Family Search are becoming a very popular hobby because it's fascinating to discover your genealogical ties to unknown ancestors. Whether you are searching for the perfect family tree chart or trying to piece together your genealogy, you'll find the advice you need in our articles below.

Genealogy, Ancestry and Family Search Advice Articles

How Genealogists Use Obituaries to Search Online Ancestors

One of the first things ancestry searchers should do is find clues in obituaries. Obituaries are the final report on the life of an individual and contain details about that person's life that may not appear anywhere else. more

Maximizing Genealogical Value of Obituaries

Obituaries offer a wealth of information about your family. They have important facts and dates that you can use to piece together clues about the history of your family. Here's how you can find details to research from obituaries. more

Using Newspaper Obituaries to Locate Lost Family

If you've lost touch with a part of your family or you are looking for ancestral ties, the best place to start looking is in newspaper obituaries. Surviving family is listed and you can contact these people directly. more

Using Obituaries to Create a Family Timeline

Obituaries offer dates and events about a particular family member that can be plotted on a timeline. Create a timeline for each person or for several people in the family in a Family Timeline. more

Your Family Tree Genealogy: Choosing the Correct Family Tree Charts for Your Family Search

Everyone putting together a family tree is faced with certain choices. Who to include in the family tree? How am I going to build my Family Tree? These are all important questions that will determine the type of family tree you decide to build. more

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