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Newspaper Obituaries Articles

Newspaper Obituaries are sometimes the only article ever written about an individual and the only source for good genealogy information. Whether you are searching for newspaper obituaries or writing an obituary for the newspaper, you'll find the advice you need in our articles below.

Newspaper Obituaries Articles

Avoid Identify Theft from Obituaries

Write your obituaries with identity theft in mind because the deceased's identity is an irresistible target for thieves. These are tips that you can follow to avoid obituary identity theft. more

Avoid Pitfalls When Writing Obituaries

These are the common pitfalls make the difference between a mediocre obituary and an outstanding meaningful obituary. Learn how you can avoid these pitfalls when writing obituaries for your loved ones. more

How do I write an Obituary?

Writing an obituary can be a daunting task, but once you have collected the information about the deceased that you'd like to include in the obituary, writing it is not that difficult. more

How to Handle Delicate Issues When Writing Obituaries

The circumstances of someone's life and death are not always easy to talk about. Especially in an obituary that could be the only article ever written about someone, and used for generations to come for genealogical purposes. What do you say? more

Newspaper Obituaries are disappearing!

Anyone involved in genealogy research or anyone who reads obituaries has surely noticed that the newspaper obituaries sections are getting smaller and smaller every year. It's been going on for at least a decade and it is only getting worse. more

Obituary Writing Tips

As you write an obituary, there are many things to keep in mind; these obituary writing tips will help you complete the obituary accurately and with a focus more on the life than the death. more

Searching for Newspaper Obituaries

Newspaper obituaries are an important part of any genealogical search. When you know only the name and date of death of an individual, a newspaper obituary can help you find other information about the person and his or her family. This additional information can then help shape the rest of your research. more

What do I write in an Obituary?

Before you start you need to know what to write in an obituary and what the newspaper allows. Obituaries are restricted in length and some newspapers don't publish them at all. Get the facts here. more

What to write in Newspaper Obituaries, Death Notices and Funeral Obituaries

There are subtle differences between Newspaper Obituaries, Death Notices and Funeral Obituaries. Knowing what to write for each can save you money, time and frustration. Here is a checklist and description of what is commonly accepted for each type of obituary. more

Where to find Obituaries Online

Looking for obituaries online can be confusing. Knowing where to start your search for obituaries online can save you time and money. The Internet is the best place to find newspaper obituaries and old archived obituaries but there can be too many options that don't lead you to the answers you need. more

Writing Your Own Obituary

Writing your own obituary is the best way to write what you want others to know about you after you have passed on. It is a great way to help your loved ones cope at a difficult time and you can rest assured that you have had a final farewell. more

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