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Choosing a Funeral Home

Funeral homes are hard to choose. With all the anguish and grief that comes with the passing of a loved one, it’s best to choose a funeral home ahead of time based on certain criteria.

Price, although I’d like to say is the most important, and in some cases it is the most important, shouldn’t be the only thing that guides your decision in choosing a funeral home. Budgets, for most people, are not unlimited. Although you might like to spend everything you have on creating a nice send off for your loved one, if you think of that loved one, they will have more than likely wished you would have saved the money for something else. Think about the loved one when your thinking of price. As morbid as it may sound, put yourself in their shoes. How much would you want someone to spend on your funeral home arrangements?

Convenience can be a big factor. Not for yourself but for those who may wish to come to the funeral. A central location is the best. Ask around. Ask about people’s work schedules. See what the traffic might be like that time of day. See if it’s fairly easy to find. We’ve taken the emotional out of it and now we are getting down to the practical. Think about convenience as one of the primary drivers in choosing a funeral home. If people can’t make it or find it, it won’t be much of a funeral.

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Thirdly, think of the funeral home itself. Many times a recommendation from friends will help here. There is someone, somewhere in your circle, who has buried a loved one and needed the services of a funeral home. They might have already gone through a list of which you can use to help in your search. Check with your network of family and friends. You might be surprised at the information they give you. Funeral homes are something many of us have knowledge about but just don’t talk about on a regular basis.

Fourth, once you’ve found a few funeral homes go visit them if time allows. Go on the day of the week you are planning on having the funeral. Many times this isn’t always easy, as people are buried within days of passing, but even if you can’t go there during the same time as your planning to have the funeral, go there just the same.

There is nothing like showing up to a place of business, you’ve already booked, and learning half way through the ceremony you would have rather worked with someone else. I would go unannounced. See if they have a schedule of funerals and just drop by one. See what it’s like before spending your money.

And finally, when choosing a funeral home, know that the only thing that matters is getting the people together who loved this person and allowing them to grief for his passing and celebrate his life. You could have the funeral anywhere if you keep this in mind. After all, a funeral home is nothing but a building which facilitates the gathering of people to mourn the loss of a loved one. The gathering, the get- together is the most important part.

So remember, do as much planning as you can. Try to take the emotion out of it. Ask yourself how you would like your funeral to be and go with the sole intention of just getting friends together to laugh and cry.

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