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Sample Letters of Sympathy Condolence for a Co-Worker

A sample letter of sympathy or condolence for a co-worker can mean the difference between an ordinary letter and a meaningful letter that truly offers support and shows you care. A sympathy letter to a co-worker or to the family of your co-worker should reflect the relationship you had with the deceased. Keep it brief but take the time to write a memorable moment or complimentary statement about the deceased. Remember that any letter you write should be hand written and preferably on appropriate stationary with a matching envelop. Of course how it appears on the outside is secondary to the words you write inside.

Sample Letters of Sympathy and Condolence Examples For a Co-Worker

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I was just informed by Linda, our office manager of Carl's death. It is impossible to adequately express my sincere sympathy at this most difficult time.

I had worked very closely with Carl in the office. Therefore, I feel that I have lost a very good friend as well as a fellow co-worker.

Please pass my sincerest condolences on to your family.


Alberta Collins

Dear Theresa,

Please accept my sincerest condolences on the death of Jimmy. I know how close you and your brother were and I can only imagine the depth of your sorrow. It’s so sad when someone so young departs from us. I hope my words can accurately portray how deeply saddened I am.

The others here at work asked me to send their sympathies as well. None of us knew Jimmy, but we feel as we did through the things you told us about him. He was obviously a brave and strong person, and a brother to be proud of.

I’m going to ask for the time off to come to the funeral, and if it’s okay I’ll drop by with a casserole on Wednesday evening. I’ll call first before I come. I want you to know Theresa, that I consider you more than just a co-worker. I view you as a dear friend, and I hope you’ll accept my friendship at this terribly tragic time.

My prayers and thought are with you, and if there is anything I or anyone else here at work can do, please let me know at once.

Your Friend,


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