DNA Ancestry Test – Top Places to Take a DNA Ancestry Test

Taking a DNA ancestry test is much easier than you probably could ever have imagined. Whereas in previous decades you would have had to contact a genetic laboratory, and paid a pretty penny to have your DNA analyzed, today you can let your computer do the waking, an order a DNA ancestry test in the convenience and privacy of your own home. A simple test kit will be sent to you in the mail complete with specific instructions (you only have to take a swab from your inner cheek area and send it back in the enclosed container), and 4 – 12 weeks later (depending on the company and type of test you want done) you will receive your results. Following is a compilation of the Top Places on the internet to take a DNA ancestry test.

Take a DNA Ancestry Test at African Ancestry

African Ancestry bills itself as the "world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent". Indeed they possess the largest available database of indigenous African DNA samples, and their DNA ancestry test can determine whether your DNA matches haplogroups from specific countries, and in many cases, specific tribes within them. This is an excellent company to consider ordering your DNA ancestry test from if you're tracing your African ancestry.

African Americans face unique challenges when tracing their ancestors due to the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Families were uprooted from their native countries and distributed throughout a strange land, their identities, and family histories being lost forever. This DNA ancestry test can help you to rekindle that trail, and possibly find your long lost African ancestors. Test kits cost between $200 and $250, and turnaround time for results is approximately 6 weeks.

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Take a DNA Ancestry Test at Oxford Ancestors

Oxford Ancestors was begun approximately 10 years ago by a gentleman named Bryan Sykes MA PhD DSc, a respected Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford in England. It was originally begun to study the migration routes of various populations throughout history, but now offers a DNA ancestry test for those wishing to trace their maternal or paternal lineage. They offer separate mtDNA and Y-chromosome DNA ancestry tests, as well as their unique Combo test, which helps to determine both your ancestral clan mother, and the Y-chromosome DNA ancestry test likewise connects you to your original ancestral clan. Individual mtDNA and Y-chromosome tests cost £180 (around $290) while the combo DNA ancestry test costs £340 (approximately $550). Turn around time for test results is around 6 weeks.

Take a DNA Ancestry Test at Home DNA Direct

This company offers the most extensive line of genetic testing available on the internet. Everything from a forensic DNA ancestry test to basic paternity tests and everything in between are available at a variety of prices. They do offer genealogy specific maternal and paternal lineage testing; the mtDNA maternal lineage test costs $259, while their Y-chromosome paternal lineage DNA ancestry test costs $149. The also offer an Ancestral origins analysis, through which your DNA is evaluated against that of global populations from across the centuries to establish where your ancestors may have originated from.

Cost for Ancestral Origins testing is $245 and turnaround times run from 5-7 days, or you can pay extra and get your results within 48 hours for some tests.

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These are just a few of the places on the internet where you can order a DNA ancestry test kit. As the popularity of genetic genealogy rises, more and more companies are hopping on the DNA ancestry test bandwagon. If you’re considering using genetic testing as part of your genealogical project, it is best to stick with those companies that have the most experience, and best qualified individuals. Hopefully this article has helped you to narrow down the search for your DNA ancestry test.

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