DNA Testing for Ancestry – Sharing the Results of DNA Testing for Ancestry

Sharing the results of DNA testing for ancestry online has become just as popular as that of sharing of family trees and pedigrees. New social networking sites are emerging where you can upload your DNA profile for others to compare with their own. This growing interest in DNA testing for ancestry and sharing the results with others on the internet is sure to revolutionize the way we look at our family history. Let’s take a look at some of these Social Networking sites and what’s involved in sharing the results of DNA testing for ancestry.

Social Networking Sites and DNA Testing for Ancestry

Two of the major players in the social networking arena of DNA testing for ancestry are GeneTree and DNA Ancestry. The latter is a fledgling of the original Ancestry.com website. Both of these sites encourage you to create a personal profile and to upload the results of your DNA test. They also offer databases of genetic samples from around the world with which you can compare your own results of the DNA testing for ancestry that you have undergone. This can help you to paint a global picture of your ethnic origins as well as figure out how far back in time your ancestors began moving around.

Besides uploading the results of their DNA testing for ancestry, members can also put their family tree online. This will help you and other genealogists by providing researched documentary and historical facts to support the scientific findings of DNA testing for ancestry. The main idea is to draw on the communal power of Social Networking by combining data and resources to connect those of similar DNA, whether it is ethnically or through a bloodline. Of course the success of the sites depends on vast numbers of people uploading their family tree and DNA data, but the idea could be groundbreaking genealogically.

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The Advantages of using Social Networking Sites in DNA Testing for Ancestry

Presently each of these sites has its own particular advantages. The main benefit of DNA Ancestry is that it has the resources of the main Ancestry website at its fingertips. The worldwide network of family trees and pedigrees combined with the wide variety of resources compiled over the years by Ancestry.com makes this s first choice of many seeking to connect through DNA testing for ancestry. The site also has a DNA sample database with which to compare uploaded results. This makes ethnic connections easier to realize, and there are many success stories listed on the site to show the value of DNA testing for ancestry.

GeneTree also has amassed a large database of several hundred thousand DNA samples from various ethnic groups from over 170 countries. They have been compiling their database much longer than Ancestry.com, and are probably the best site around for DNA comparisons. Besides providing a far wider DNA base with which to compare the results of any DNA testing for ancestry, they also offer mapping services and other personalized resources that are useful when searching ancestors.

There are sites popping up almost everyday now specializing in DNA testing for ancestry. The best thing to do is to shop around and find the one that both; suits your needs and with which you are the most comfortable. Make sure that whatever interface they use and the upload facilities they provide are easy for you to understand, and then sign up!

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To maximize your chances of finding a DNA match either ethnically or ancestrally try to connect with as many other users as possible. Most of the newer websites are free, but make sure you understand their privacy policy before posting or sharing any results regarding DNA testing for ancestry. Remember, you're dealing with very personal data when it comes to DNA, but hopefully you'll find a cousin or two. Ultimately, understanding and utilizing DNA testing for ancestry will help you to understand your family history on a global scale, while potentially filling in a few gaps on your family tree.

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