Free Genealogy Databases of Secondary Sources

I have covered the location of free genealogy databases for primary sources of genealogical data, in this article I’ll highlight some of the lesser known sources, which can be of equal, sometimes even moiré value. These free genealogy databases include: Wills and Probate records, Cemetery Records and Inscriptions, Property Records, and newspaper Announcements and Obituaries. These secondary sources can point you to where you might locate primary documents such as Birth, Death, and Marriage certificates, and may contain information not recorded in the major free genealogy databases.

Free Genealogy Databases at contains free genealogy databases of cemetery records from a worldwide multitude of churches. These free databases contain cemetery records transcribed by and for family historians. The website also provides links to other genealogy resources such as BMD (Birth, Death and Marriage) indexes, but the highlight here id there free genealogy databases from cemeteries around the world. Country specific databases of cemeteries from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Germany and many other European and South American  countries can be found here, and best of all the free genealogy databases are indeed Free to use!

Free Genealogy Databases at

This is the official website of the Federal Land Records, and information found in these free genealogy databases include digital images of more than 2 million Federal land title deeds issued between 1820 and 1908. The website also offers links to other genealogical resources such as State Archives, Genealogical Societies, Historical Centers, and State Libraries. If you locate any documentation about your ancestor, you can order a certified copy of the original, the website offers a printable Certified Document Order Form, which you can print out, fill it in and mail the from to them.

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Free Genealogy Databases at had small beginnings, containing only 50 state pages, and has blossomed into a huge genealogy resource with millions of records in their free genealogy databases. That growth has been ably assisted by countless volunteers who have dedicated their time and resources to compiling the free genealogy databases of the site. Access is very oriented towards Native American genealogy, but it has “Access” to quite an array of free genealogy databases. Some of the free genealogy databases containing Native American content are:

  • Hester Roll Index – Prepared by Joseph G. Hester in 1883, it is basically a census of the Cherokee Indian Tribe at that time.
  • A listing of Indians named in the 1890 United States Census
  • Canadian Indian Tribes
  • Indian Schools, Seminaries and Asylums

These free genealogy databases are just the tip of the iceberg regarding their information on Native Americans. The site also presents a wide variety oh historical information, and Tribe specific narratives on their life style and culture.

The site also provides links to free genealogy databases of Census Reports, Cemetery Records, military, and Vital Records.

Free Genealogy Databases at has free genealogy databases of scanned images of historical documents, newspaper obituaries, census records, military records, city directories, , ship lists, school yearbooks, which are made up of over six million genealogy records. The absolutely wonderful thing about is that there are no fees or memberships required to use the free genealogy databases.

You can search the entire website by keyword, or they have options for searching individual record types. If you're looking for military, vital, or Native American records, this is the place to go!

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The free genealogy databases I’ve covered here are just a small portion of what’s available to genealogists on the internet today. Free genealogy databases are springing up on an almost daily basis as tireless transcribers complete their work. Don’t overlook the importance of secondary sources in your genealogical search; they might lead you to a distant cousin!

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