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Funeral Flowers – How to Choose Funeral Flowers You Can be Proud Of

Funeral flowers have traditionally been accepted at most funerals, but some religions and groups of people see flowers as being to showy or inappropriate at such a sad time. Based on the religious affiliation, there are different methods and approaches that are appropriate and inappropriate when choosing. Prior to sending any flowers, find out from the funeral home if the deceased has any religious affiliation and what it is. The deceased may not be affiliated yet the survivors may be so you want to follow the guidelines for your gift of flowers.

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Religions and Funeral Flower Customs

Here are some rules of etiquette for sending flowers to funerals especially where religious specifications are a factor:
  • Baha’i - Baha’i burials and funerals generally take place within 50 miles of the place the deceased died. In this religion, it is appropriate to send flowers.
  • Buddhism - Buddhists funerals generally take place in the funeral home. It is appropriate to send flowers.
  • Orthodox - Eastern Orthodox people are very strict for the rituals of the deceased. They only allow three days from the time of death to the time of burial. The sending of flowers is acceptable with white flowers seen as a more meaningful gift.
  • Hindu - Hindus have the funeral the day of the death prior to the sun setting when possible. Sending flowers is not a common occurrence but is seen a nice gesture. A spray of flowers is viewed as a pleasant gesture.
  • Judaism - Jewish traditions do not perceive flowers as a nice gesture. Sending a gift basket or fruit basket during the mourning period is acceptable. The younger generation of Jewish followers will appreciate the flowers sent to the home or at the entrance of the synagogue. The Orthodox Jews are less likely to appreciate the gesture of flowers while the more liberal Jews will accept the gift.
  • Mormon - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons appreciate flowers or funeral sprays during their time of mourning. Avoid sending a cross design arrangement as this may offend the family and friends.
  • Muslim - Muslim or Islamic cultures have different opinions regarding funeral flowers depending on the particular branch or ethnic origin. Inquire the type of affiliation from a close member of the family prior to sending any flowers. Avoid sending a cross design arrangement as this may offend the family and friends.
  • Christian - All Christian religions accept all types of funeral flowers. Although certain branches or denominations have particular concerns about the elaborations of the designs and only wish to receive basic and simple arrangements.
  • Catholic - Roman Catholics accept flowers and funeral arrangements preferably at the church or cathedral.

Sending Funeral Flowers

One of the most effective ways to express sympathy is to the grieving family or friends. The funeral flowers are a traditional symbol of mourning with various flowers conveying different meanings and feelings. The historical practice of using flowers to express feelings where words fail is a traditional means of sharing during the time of funerals. Sending funeral flowers when you are not able to make a personal appearance at the funeral will show the loved ones you care.

Depending on the family, the preference of the deceased or type of funeral, you can either send the flowers to the home of bereaved or directly to the funeral. Although it is a common practice to send flowers immediately to the funeral home, you can also send funeral flowers to the family after the funeral and burial. This is often seen as a more sympathy gesture since the bereaved are still mourning and will appreciate the single arrival to brighten their home.

Funeral Flower Sympathy Cards

Adding a special sympathy card to the funeral flowers is another nice gesture to express your thoughts and feelings. It is also important to have a flower message card attached to your arrangement so the bereaved will know the arrangement is from you.

A few ideas for the card attached to the flowers can include the sympathy words below. For a complete list of sympathy resources, Sympathy Words and Sympathy Messages:

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. Our deepest sympathy.
  3. You will never be forgotten.
  4. Always in our hearts.
  5. Loving Mother (or Father).
  6. A special and endeared friend.
  7. Beloved husband and father (or wife and mother)
  8. Gone from this earth and entering into Heaven (only for a well-known religious person.)

Although some feel that funeral flowers are a small gesture, to the bereaved, the flowers will mean so much in their time of mourning. Funeral flowers are also a large expense when making funeral arrangements, so sending flowers to the funeral home is usually very much appreciated.

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