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Funeral Program Template

Visit the main listing of free funeral program templates for examples of funeral liturgy and readings. Below you'll find a list of details to include in the funeral program.

Funeral Program Template

If you are creating a funeral program to distribute at a funeral or memorial service, you'll need to include information about the deceased and perhaps some additional details.

The funeral program shows the attendees the order of events at the funeral. For instance there is usually a musical selection, then an opening prayer by the officiant followed by a reading or eulogy.

A funeral program generally follows this order:

  • Gathering Hymn
  • Opening Prayer
  • First Reading
  • Psalm
  • Second Reading
  • Hymn
  • Prayer

Begin with the following information and if time and space permits you can add some personal details to the program:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Time, date, and location of the funeral
  • Full name of the officiant, person (priest, minister, etc.) performing the service
  • Location of burial or interment
  • Names of the pallbearers
  • Names of the friends and family who will be giving eulogies or readings in the order that they will appear
  • List of funeral songs, psalms, hymns, prayers and readings in the order of the service

Personal details that can be added to the program:

  • Photographs of the deceased
  • Poetry or prose expressing how the family or the deceased feels at this time
  • Names of the surviving family members
  • A thank you from the family, thanking everyone for being there for them
  • Artwork created by or for the deceased
  • A brief biography of the deceased
  • An obituary of the deceased.
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