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How To Fill in Ten-Generation Ancestors Trees?

Researching and recording ten-generation ancestors trees is both an astonishing accomplishment and a rewarding endeavour. The amount of information gleaned from hundreds of years of history not only affects your ancestor tree, but those of other genealogists as well. Being responsible for so much information can be a bit overwhelming, but good organization can help you to be a first class and effective genealogist.

The value of any genealogists lies in their dedication to research and resiliency to roadblocks they may encounter as well as a few other factors. Patience is a necessary virtue, but more importantly thoroughness and accurate record keeping are integral to genealogical success. What you write in a ten-generation ancestors tree must be as precise as you can get it. The reason it is so important, especially to a family tree of this size, is that it will involve other family’s histories.

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As the branches on your family tree grow they will overlap and intertwine with those of other ancestry researchers. Having your information as clear and correct as you can will be of immense help to them and your family as well. Perhaps there are some gaps in your tree that you just can’t fill; you aren’t able to find the information you need. Ensuring that what data you do have is exact will enable others to help you more readily.

To try and write in all the information you uncover directly into your ten-generation ancestor’s tree is virtually impossible. The better way to complete a ten-generation ancestry history is to store and organize the data first. Using the Ahnentafel system or other numbering method is by far a more sensible option. Doing this will help to keep the growth of your ten-generation ancestor’s tree in clear perspective and allow other researchers to easily identify shared connections.

If you’re not sure of the Ahnentafel system you can simply write out your ancestors in list form. Beginning with yourself as number one, write out your full name, birth date and place, any nicknames or aliases you may have and all other information, like immigration ventures or property purchases etc. An easy way to do this is by generation, that way you can keep relevant information fairly concise. This will allow for easy and accurate entry of all information into your ten-generation ancestor’s tree.

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