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How To Fill in Nine-Generation Printable Family Trees?

The Ahnentafel system is an excellent method to use in order to assure your nine-generation printable family tree is filled in completely and accurately. This efficient German means of tracking your family ancestry is perfect for family histories that extend beyond three or four generations. Due to the wealth of data that compiling a family history of this extent encompasses, the simple numbering system is the number one choice of genealogists today.

The fact that the Ahnentafel system is numerical in nature is no reason to be intimidated. If you can double any number, or double any number and then add one, you’ll master this method in no time. The system starts off with the first person in the family tree being listed as number one. To keep things simple, let’s use you as number one. Your father would then become number two, your mother number three.

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The easiest way to remember how this system works is that everyone’s father is double their number; everyone’s mother is double plus one. Simply put your father would be number two, his father number four, and his father number eight and so on. Your mother would be number three; her father would consequently be six, and her mother number seven (twice three plus one).

The value in this system is that it can be an immense aid in keeping things clear and organized, ensuring that when you fill in your nine-generation printable family tree it will be accurate. Nine generations of ancestors amounts to a mountain of data that needs to be recorded, verified, and finally entered onto your nine-generation printable family tree. At a glance you can immediately tell what the relationship of two relatives is just by the number that has been designated to them.

A full Ahnentafel listing should include the full name (First, Middle and Last), and all information pertaining to dates and addresses. An accurate accumulation of data can be easily listed and then when you’re ready, entered into your nine-generation printable family tree in much less time than if you used a different system. The widely known and accepted system also makes it easier for other genealogists to understand and to add any information they may have to your family history.

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