Making Use of the LDS Genealogy Website

The new LDS genealogy website at is an updated extension of the popular Here you will find new products that can assist you in speeding up your genealogical search, as well as information on exactly how the site has been approved. If you have previously registered on, you will have to re-register here, but the owners are currently working on implementing new sign in procedures that will allow you to sign into any of their participating FamilySearch sites with one user name and password. If you haven’t registered on any LDS genealogy website, here’s how to do so.

The link in the above paragraph will take you to the New FamilySearch website. In the bottom left corner of the page you will see the words Register for the new FamilySearch. Clicking on that hotlink will take you to the registration page. Once on the registration page you will be asked what kind of account you wish to create. There are only two options, if you are a member of the Mormon Church, click on the LDS FamilySearch Account button, if not choose the option which says FamilySearch account. Once you’ve selected your account type, you’ll be prompted to enter the required information. There is minimal personal data required, basically your name, and an email address. I was registered and ready to use the LDS genealogy website in less than a minute.

Validating Your New Account on the LDS Genealogy Website

As with most registrations an email is sent to you containing a link on which you are asked to click in order to activate your account. Your email will be from Family Search, opening it reveals your activation link. Clicking on the link reveals a congratulatory welcome page, and informs you that you can use your user name and password on four different websites – New FamilySearch, FamilySearch Beta, the Indexing website, and Research Wiki. For now, if you’re following along, click on the link to new FamilySeach, which will take you back to the LDS genealogy website.  

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Once you’ve logged back into the website, you can create a profile in which you’ll reveal by what means people can contact you. The new LDS genealogy website is heavily focused on collaboration among genealogists, and you have the options of being contacted by mail, telephone, or email. The first two are an option, but the LDS implore you to allow other patrons to contact you by email at least. If you have reservations about doing so, they suggest setting up an email account specifically for collaboration with other genealogists and suggest means to do so.

Getting Down to the Business of Research with the LDS

The genealogy website that the Mormon Church has developed is an awesome computer program, but it can be a little complicated to use, especially if you're not computer savvy. The upside is that they do provide instruction in the form of ten video overviews, and eight text guides.

It's a good idea to take the time to study the overviews extensively, as the better you understand how to use the website, the faster, and more successful your search will be.

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There are also the usual Help and FAQ (frequently asked questions) options, although the use of the term Common Questions is preferred by the LDS. The genealogy website developed by them however, is state of the art, the database immense, and the dedication of the LDS to genealogy is evident in the way that they even provide FamilySearch missionaries for your support!

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