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Message of Sympathy for a boyfriend written to his girlfriend

Message of sympathy for a boyfriend written to the girlfriend by a friend of hers. Because she is not quite family often the situation that she is faces is tragic and overlooked. This message of Sympathy written by her friend, lets her know that her feelings of loss and mourning are real because of the feelings she had for her boyfriend. Feel free to add other moments that are in relation to her boyfriend to authenticate this message of sympathy. This letter would be appropriate to write for a young adult.

Message of Sympathy for a boyfriend written to his girlfriend

Dear Yvonne,

I just heard the bad news of your boyfriend’s death. How are you? You must feel lost and abandoned? I’m so sorry this happened to you at this point in your life, just when everything moved into place for you. Finally you’ve found someone you felt close to and then he gets ripped away from you. My heart is grieving with you and for you. Your hurt must be tremendous. Any loss of life is tragic but in your case it’s devastating.

I guess some friends come into our lives just for a short time. I don’t know if their purpose is to teach us something, or to shape how we think in the future. I’m sure your plans are all shook up now, being left behind to sort out your feelings when just a short while ago everything seemed to point to a future with your boyfriend. I know your situation right now is very hard and any memories just make you break out with new tears, I’m crying just thinking about your sad situation. These feelings will continue for a while but I hope the same memories will ease your feeling of great loss after some time passes.

Tell me if I can help you in some way. We could take a walk on the beach; maybe lay out a heart of small stones on the sand with his name written in it. The tide can wash over it again and again. And it will be your special place for him. Sometimes if we take some physical actions, they can lighten the sadness of losing someone of value to us and help mellow our grieve a little. We could watch the sunset and talk about your friend, or just sit together quietly and watch the sunset.

Please call me soon, day or night, I want to be of help to you.

Your friend


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