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Message of Sympathy for a child written to her parents

Message of Sympathy for a child written to her parents. Though there is no consoling a bereaved parent, this letter can acknowledge their tremendous loss and communicate that the sorrow is spread to many people. Good thoughts may help them to bridge the terrible loss. This message of sympathy written as an example letter can be elaborated on to include personal thoughts. It would be written by an adult who knew the child and the parents 

Message of Sympathy for a child written to her parents

Dear Sondra and Carlos,

The message of Melanie’s tragic death is unbelievably hard to comprehend. Tears well up in my eyes and freely run down onto the paper while I try to gather my thoughts. My sorrow is great for Melanie and also for you.

Any time a child leaves this earth, it feels like innocence is swept away from us. I do not even attempt to understand your loss. This accident is a true tragedy, beyond reason or justification. It appears as if life sometimes dishes out moments so unfair, they can crush us if we let them. My heart weeps with you during this time of grieving. If you don’t understand why Melanie’s life was cut short and seemed unfinished, I can assure you, it makes no sense to me either. Maybe this is just beyond our grasp of knowledge. We can only hope that Melanie is in a good and safe place.

It takes an incredibly strong person to live through such a tragic moment of losing one’s child. I pray that you will find the strengths within you to find joy again in the future. Melanie will always be with you, in your heart and soul. The joys she gifted you during her short life may somehow help you to bridge the wound her tragic demise created in you. I wish I were more eloquent to give you words of comfort, all I can offer is my warmest sympathy.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to listen to your memories of Melanie, please call or visit anytime.

Take care of yourself and each other.


Maria and Family

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