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Message of Sympathy for a cousin written by a friend

Message of sympathy for a cousin written by a friend who is familiar with the closeness the two cousins shared, growing up in the same small town. An adult friend would write this letter to the cousin of the deceased bringing about some memories the friend shared with her and to remind her to hold on to those memories.  Feel free in this message of sympathy to include any other special moments the friend told you in relation to her cousin. The language would be appropriate for an adult person.

Message of Sympathy for a cousin written by a friend

Dear Marie-Anne,

I received the sad news that your cousin Emily past away. You and your cousin grew up like sibling, sharing teenage heartbreaks and confiding in each other. That’s the impression I got from you. All the more I can imagine how her death feels like losing a close confidant. How inconsolable you must feel. I understand your tears and sorrow. It’s okay to cry for awhile. It’s good for the soul. Just make sure you remember the good times you two had over many years. May these thoughts be of comfort to you during your time of mourning.

I do remember many stories that you told me, they were very entertaining. It seemed as if you two never got bored and if you did you thought of something new to enrich you lives. The one story that sticks out is when the two of you ran away with your ponies, after your parents decided you were too young to go to a questionable event. You saddled your horses, packed a back pack and off you went. As it is often the case, neither your cousin nor you thought this whole running away business all the way through. A couple of hours into the ride, the horses wanted to return to the barn to get fed. The way you described it was so funny. The tip on the iceberg came when your parents were not concerned at all and figured you guys just went on a trail ride. What a disappointment. Did you ever tell your parents your intentions? I’m sure you can remember many other experiences with your cousin. I hope those tidbits of life guide you through these sad times and dampen the feeling of being deprived of your cousin’s company? Memories have a way to ease the pain of loss.

When you feel up to it, please come and visit. I would be happy to listen to some more stories of your stable days with your cousin. My guest room is always ready for your visit.

Call me soon

Take care

Your friend Martina

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