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Message of Sympathy for a dog written to the owner

Message of sympathy for a dog written to the owner, to help her/him get over the loss of his dog. This message lets the owner know that you care for her/him and appreciate how much the dog meant to her/him. This message of sympathy could be sent to an acquaintance or friend from a dog park. Additional experiences can be added at any time to make the letter more authentic

Message of Sympathy for a dog written to the owner

Dear Ben,

I just heard that your beautiful dog Calvin died. I’m so sorry. You cared for this animal all his life, I remember him as a puppy. It seems like only yesterday. It is a terrible day when we have to let go of such a loyal companion. I bet you hear him paddling down the hall way, expect him to lie on his pillow, or enthusiastically greet you at the door every time you come home. Tears come into my eyes. Everyone at the park will miss him but none as much as you in your daily life.

No one loved and cared for Calvin as much as you did. Under your guidance he grew out of his puppyhood into a well-behaved, well-loved dog in any social situation. As you well know, Calvin always made his rounds with the regulars, maybe just to check if we were all okay, or to smooch a treat, or just to get some loving. Who knows? He sure made me feel good to touch his soft fur.

It is a shame that the dog’s life span is so short. They come into our lives, sometimes unplanned, just to provide us with a steadfast companionship. And some dogs are special just like Calvin was in his unquestioning loyalty to you. Dog are loaned to us for a while, to amuse us, to console us, to enlighten us, to teach us, Calvin taught me and my dog quite a bit. They accept us just the way we are. That’s why the bond between a dog and his owner is so special and so disheartening when the connection is broken, when they leave us. I’m sad for you and with you. His spirit will always occupy a piece of your heart.

Please come to the park anyway. I would like that. We can talk about Calvin and remember him for the great dog he was.

Take care of yourself


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