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Message of Sympathy for a Father Written to his son

Message of sympathy for a beloved father written to his son will help the son see the quality of friendships his father had outside of the family circle, it reaches back far enough to enlighten the son with some information prior to his birth and how the friendship endured trough time. Specific memories can be included in this message of sympathy from a friend of the father to the son. This would be appropriate for an adult male to the son of his friend

Message of Sympathy for a Father Written to his son

Dear Antony.

I received the sad news that your father died last week. I’m still shocked by the news. It is hard to believe that your father who has been my good friend for so many years is no longer around to bounce ideas off, to catch up on family affairs and to reminisce about shared memories. If he was a father to you as he has been a friend of mine, then your loss must be devastating. From my most recent conversations with your father, I can attest how much you meant to him and how proud he was of you, your achievements and the adult you have become. I’m sorry your father and I ended up living far apart from each other, and only were able to visit occasionally. This is the reason why I didn’t have the pleasure to get to know you personally. I hope one day soon we will meet. In the meantime please accept my sincere condolences.

Years ago, your father and I met in the High school football team. Neither one of us was the best player in the team, maybe that was the reasons we became good friends. We both loved the sport but didn’t have the talent to pursue a career in the field. I can almost bet that he spent time to teach you the ins and outs of the game during your school years. Other interests kept us connected as well. For a while we took a fancy in playing chess, or a bunch of us got together and played a game of cards. Your father and I stayed in contact even though we attended different colleges and later as adults lived in several thousand miles apart. We updated each other on important markers in our private and professional life. I remember when he married your mom. And later, when you‘re born, the joy your father expressed calling me, will always be firmly embedded in my memory. He was one proud father. Often, especially during the holiday season I received cards with a picture of your family. With the help of these, I could follow through the years as you grew from a baby to the adult that you’re now. I hope and wish for you that you have friends like your father was to me, especially now, during this hard times.

I sincerely hope when you travel in my region of the country you will contact me, and visit. My house is open to welcome the son of my dear friend Peter. We could talk about your father, incidences that your father described to me while you did your growing up, maybe you can tell me your side of the story, and maybe I can rely some stories from our High school years, still anchored in my memories and well worth repeating.

In the meantime, if you want to talk about your late father please call. He helped me often during our friendship. If I can give something back to his son it would mean a lot to me.

In sadness for the loss of your father and my friend


George Winston

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