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Message of Sympathy for a girlfriend written to a friend

Message of sympathy for a girlfriend written to her boyfriend by a close friend. It is tough to lose someone that you are close too but not quite family. The loss is still there but often overlooked. This is to convey sympathy for his loss. Feel free in this example letter of a message of sympathy to include any other memories that pertain to the relationship of the two. This message could be written by a young adult.

Message of Sympathy for a girlfriend written to a friend

Dear Mike,

I just heard that your girlfriend passed away as a result of a freak accident. This must be a terrible shock to you, to have someone you care about ripped away from you in such a manner. I can hardly believe it myself. Please know my heartfelt sympathy goes to you. I’m in a daze trying to digest the sad information and wished it were not so. If I feel like that, you must feel a thousand times worse. How do you deal with this loss? Please, if I can help in some way, tell me. I’m open to any suggestion and like to be of some use to you during these sad times.

You two were good for each other. You were telling me more than once that you thought she might be the one you would like to spend the rest of your life with even though you guys knew each other only for a short time, too short a time for someone who is falling head over heels for a girl. Well, I hope in your heart, you’ll remember all the good memories she leaves behind with you. May these memories help you through this time of grieving and bring some solace into your rattled life. I appreciate how hard this is for you. I promise in time the pain will lessen.

I have an idea. Let’s go for a hike in the mountains or a run at the beach! We both need to do something physical to purge the sadness out of our system, at least for a little while. It’s the only way I can think of to be of help to you.

Call me as soon as you feel up to it, my friend.


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