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Message of Sympathy for a Grandmother written to her granddaughter

Message of sympathy for a loved grandmother written to her granddaughter. It will confirm the knowledge that the two of them were close and the granddaughter found a safe haven with her grandmother including the special memories she was able to acquire while growing up. This might be appropriate if written by a good friend of the grandmother who was well aware of the close bond that the two of them had. Feel free to include in this message of sympathy additional special moments that you might have privy to.

Message of Sympathy for a Grandmother written to her granddaughter

Dear Anna Leah,

I received the sad message of your grandmother’s passing. My thoughts are with you as I wipe my tears over my own loss and think of all the ways her leaving us will affect you. She was always so proud of you and felt you were the highlight of her life. I’m sure this was a two way street and so I can hardly imagine how much you’ll miss her for some time to come. Please take comfort in the thought that you had many hours to create memories together, which will stay with you for a lifetime. Even if your grandmother is no longer among us, she will watch over you from her new realm.

It is always sad to say good bye to someone you are close to, especially when one experienced so many things together. Your grandmother had a long, good life and you contributed much to her enjoyment. Take comfort in that thought. For some time to come you’ll miss her and when you do, think of the fun times you had. Good memories have a way to console a broken heart. Your grandmother took pride and pleasure in teaching you new things like playing cards, teach you to dance, go and explore a new hiking path and point out the plants and birds in the backyard or in the park. I bet many of the names of plants and birds are engraved in your brain from her teachings. Grandmothers are special and you were privileged to have these good times with her. Because of that experience it is all the harder for you to let her go. I truly can appreciate that.

If you can take some time to visit the places you went to with your grandmother, it might help you to find some peace and let you say good bye in a personal way. You know, she of all people wouldn’t want you to morn for too long.

Please know I’m always up for company and love to talk about your grandmother over a cup of coffee and some cookies.

Take care of yourself

Grieving with you as a friend of your late grandmother


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