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Message of Sympathy for a great- grandmother written to her great-granddaughter

Message of sympathy for a great-grandmother written to her great-granddaughter will help her great-grandchild to appreciate how special and privileged she was to have known and loved her great-grandmother. The memories she has accumulated through the time spend with her great-grandmother provided primary information of a generation past. Feel at liberty in this letter of sympathy to include other moments that you know of in regards to the great-grandmother. This letter could be written by a friend of the family or an aunt who is aware that the great-grandchild had a strong connection to the great-grandmother.

Message of Sympathy for a great- grandmother written to her great-granddaughter

Dear Elisabeth,

I received the sad news of your great-grandmother’s passing. Her departure saddens me deeply. I can only imagine what her death means to you. In a way you were privileged and lucky to have her around for as long as you did. But because of knowing her and sharing time with her the pain you feel at this time will tug on your heartstrings. I’m truly sorry and send you my deepest sympathy.

Elisabeth, you were her most cherished granddaughter. I believe the feeling was mutual, counting the long and many hours you spent in her company while growing up. Just remember all the stories of her youth that she shared with you. You got to know your heritage first hand from a time that is long past. She truly was a good story teller. I still see you as a child begging for just one more story. Well, all her stories are now in your heart for safekeeping until you have your own children, whom you can relay those stories to. So even if you’re sad and mourn your great-grandmother now, you’ll be able to keep her spirit alive for another generation by talking about her. I believe that this will honor her and maybe dampen your sorrows a little now. What a wealth of information she passed on to you. I expect this was her lifelong gift to you, and what a gift this is. So please don’t cry too long, your great-grandmother was kind of a matter-of-fact person, and would not want you to dwell on her passing for long. She always said, “There is a time to mourn and a time to rejoice.” I will miss her sage sayings for some time to come.

Please, take care of yourself, Elisabeth. I’d love if you’d come for a visit soon. We can rehash her stories and refresh each other’s memories of the great dame your great-grandmother was and remained until her passing.

I send you my love and sympathy

Aunt Melinda

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