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Message of Sympathy for a longterm illness (for example, dementia) written to the primary caretaker

Message of sympathy for an illness and consequent death of an elderly person written to the caretaker. This message is in appreciation of the care she provided to the person over a long period of time. It is to remind the caretaker of how her daily care provided a safe home for the deceased and some respite for the extended family. Other memories collected during visits can be added to this message of sympathy. This sample letter could be written by a relative or friend.

Message of Sympathy for a longterm illness (for example, dementia) written to the primary caretaker

Dear Helen,

My cousin just called to tell me that our great aunt Marie passed away. You were so close to her during the last several years that I can appreciate the sorrow you experience at this time. I appreciate the care and attention you paid to our great aunt. I don’t know how we would have been able to accommodate her needs if it weren’t for your daily care. With confidence we could leave great aunt Marie in your capable hands. I know my aunt felt the same way. She smiles upon you from the place above. Please don’t be sad too long, she wouldn’t want you to. I believe she looked forward to enter a new, dementia-free place in heaven.

There are many things I recall from my visits to great aunt Maries place. She was always in good spirits even if she didn’t recognize me. You often played the intermediary and reminded her of my name. These conversations at times were amusing, at least great aunt Marie thought so. She seemed happy and content anytime I showed up. It’s you who provided her with a safe and homey environment. You always found ways to cheer her up with Christmas and Easter decorations, being her companion or just by holding her hand when her brain got too confused. She was lucky to have you by her side and so was her family including me. Even when her dementia progressed, you made sure she had each day something to look forward to. It is always sad when we lose someone whom we care for deeply, I take comfort in the thought that she is in a good place now, liberated from a debilitating illness. I hope you too can console yourself by the memories you have of her and the knowledge of how important you were to her these past few years.

I share your sorrow, Helen, but mostly I’m grateful that you were at her side. Please let me know your future plans so we can stay in touch.

Thank you for all you did.

Margret Schuler

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