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Message of Sympathy for a Mentor written to his pupil

Message of sympathy for a mentor written to a student who highly respected the person. It will remind the student of all the valuable information and guidance the mentor bestowed upon him and encourage him to use the knowledge in honor of his mentor. Any particular scenario pertaining to the mentor/ student relationship can be added to personalize the letter. This message of sympathy could be written by any adult who was aware of the special relationship the two had.

Message of Sympathy for a Mentor written to his pupil

Dear Edgar,

I just received the news of Mr. Benton’s passing. It is terribly sad, when we lose a person who helped us along in our life’s journey. Mr. Benton was this type of person for you. He was very proud and content with your progress and I hope, even with the loss of Mr. Benton you will be able to continue your path with confidence.

It is a gift to have had a mentor like Mr. Benton. I know how much you valued his input into your life. All the more I can imagine how much you’ll miss him. Hopefully all the knowledge he passed on to you, will guide you into a valuable future. If you have doubts, I hope you will ask yourself, “What advice would he have given me?” You’ll find the answer within you. Even when mentors are lost to us, they stay with us in our soul and help us along if we only let them. Don’t despair, you had a great start with his help and be able to continue your path to success with the knowledge he bestowed upon you.

I share the loss and sadness you feel right now. By recalling the many hours you spent with Mr. Benton, you will be able to soothe the pain his loss has caused you. By continue your studies in the chosen field, you will honor his life. Maybe one day you can pass on to a young person the precious gift of mentoring, just like Mr. Benton passed on his generosity, knowledge, and time to you.

Don’t dwell in sorrow to long, rather appreciate the time you had with him. He would want you to do that.


Peter Handson

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