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Message of Sympathy for a Mother written to a best Childhood Friend

Message of sympathy for a cherished mother written to her best friend will recreate the growing up phase and the many memories of their shared youths under the gentle guidance of her mother. These special times are embedded deep within their hearts and helped shape the future of their lives. Specific moments of special incidences can be added at liberty. This message of sympathy letter would be appropriate for an adult person to her best childhood friend.

Message of Sympathy for a Mother written to a best Childhood Friend

Dear Beatrice,

With great sorrow I received the sad missive of your mother’s passing. I barely can imagine what the loss means to you. Tears blurred my vision, as I sat down to comprehend the meaning that she is no longer among us as a physical being. No matter what, her spirit is in you and also in me, and everyone else she touched with her wisdom and kindness. She left behind a great legacy.

My only consolation is that she could leave this world in a peaceful way and was not subjected to prolonged illness. This doesn’t diminish the grief that surely engulfs you. All I can say is that I wish I could be at your side and hold your hand and give you a great big hug, the same way we consoled each other as children.

One of the grandest gifts your mother bestowed on us was the times she devoted to you and consequently to me during our growing-up-years. I remember her checking in on us, while we giggled and laughed in your bedroom plotting our next adventure.

How she smiled and shook her head wondering what caused us to have such exuberant outbursts. She not only put up but enjoyed us running through the house into the back yard for no apparent reason than zest of life. When we were little and our hands were small and struggled to fit our dolls with their clothes, she always showed us how we could manage those tasks with patience and a big smile. Even under stressful situations she remained calm, patched our scraped knees, hugged us in time of need and created a safe environment to grow, explore and imagine. The memories are countless and vivid in my mind. They bring new tears to my eyes, tears of gratitude and appreciation. I’m forever grateful that she was part of my life. No words can express how deeply I feel for you and gather you will miss her sorely for some time to come.

There really are no words that can take away your pain except as time passes the pain will mellow. Within your heart, with all the memories you stored away over the years, she will always be part of you. All the seeds of love that she planted in you will continue to grow and guide you during this time of sadness. And my friend it’s okay to cry.

Remember, day and night, I’m only a phone call away. We can reminisce our childhood memories or just cry together. Shared sadness divides it in two and renders a desolate heart less lonely. I’m here if you need me.

Most of all take care of yourself

Your friend in sadness

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