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Message of Sympathy for a Sister written to a her brother

Message of sympathy for  dear sister written to her brother from a good childhood friend. He recollects some of the memories that they shared with his sister while growing up. Hopefully these morsels of time will bring some solace to her brother. Specific other memories can be added to this message of sympathy for a sister written by an adult friend.

Message of Sympathy for a Sister written to a her brother

Dear Joshua,

With great sadness did I read the message of your sister’s passing. Laura was so full of life with such a great humor. I think we both adored her. She made us laugh when we were children and we never could stay mad at her for too long. I often wonder why some people die and others are left behind. Though I believe your sister is at peace, you, who remains here on earth, has to deal with the great loss. I’m certain your pain is heart wrenching. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this grievous time.

Even at this moment, I hope, I can bring a smile to your face by remembering some moments that stick out in my memory. She was always the entrepreneur. The lemonade stand we sat up in the front of your house comes to mind. Laura had no qualms to engage you and me to help her collect money for a project at school. Though reluctant at first, we both did her bidding. She ended up with quite a few dollars and convinced us that our labor was a good deed and should not be reimbursed. As a consolation price she baked chocolate chip cookies. I still can taste them.

Or the time, when she bribed us to come to the movie theater with her, before your parents let her date, she bought us the tickets. As soon as we arrived there, she made us sit on the other end of the aisle, so she could meet up with the boy she fancied at that time. After the movie she made us swear to secrecy. As far as I know neither one of us ever told. Your sister was always convincing enough for us to comply with her plans. She just had so much charm and charisma.

The way I know Laura, she would not want you to remain sad for too long. So cry for a while, morn her, grieve for her. I’m sure you miss her terribly. In time though, I hope that her zest for life left the legacy to help you through the sadness and give you the courage to live on with the fun memories she left behind.

Please call me. I’m sure together we can come up with more incidences that your sister bestowed upon us. Sometimes it does help to talk about the people we lose and it keeps them present even if they are no longer with us.

Take care of yourself, Joshua.

Always your friend in joy and sadness


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