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Message of Sympathy for a stillborn written to the mother

Message of sympathy for a still born baby written to his/her mother will help the mother to deal with the sad loss of having carried a child without getting the reward of holding at the end a baby to care for. This sample letter of message of sympathy is based on the strong religious believe of the mother to help her find hope in face of tragedy. Please feel free to insert any additional thoughts that might help the mother under this circumstances. This letter could be written by a sister or female relative with strong Christian values.

Message of Sympathy for a stillborn written to the mother

My dearest Susan,

I just heard that your baby was not meant to experience this earth; she passed away before her first breath. I’m so sorry. My heart is full of tears for the unbearable pain this has caused you. God has his own way of guiding us through life and sometimes we cannot understand his wisdom. Stay assured that your baby girl did find a special place in heaven and had wings before she was born. However this may be of small consolation for you at this time. I hope and pray that you find comfort in your believe in God. Don’t despair even though you have enough reason to do so. God will guide you during this time if you will let him.

You carried this little baby girl in your stomach for these past eight months and as far as I’m concerned you knew her better than any of us. No one is closer than a mother and her unborn child. You protected and cared for her in so many ways. If she could have, she would have rewarded you with a smile of gratitude. I’m a poor substitute to thank you for what you did for your child, but as your sister and her aunt, I want to do it for her. May you remember the hours of pregnancy that filled you with joy and hold on to these moments to alleviate the most despairing thoughts.

All I want to do is hold you close and give you any comfort possible to bridge this time of desolation into new hope. It will come in time as sure as the dawn chases away the darkness of the night.

I’m here for you sister, any time you want to talk or cry or just have some company. We can pray together, ask God to give you the strengths to find joy and happiness again.

I love you and care for your wellbeing.

Your sister

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