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Message of Sympathy for a Suicide of a teenager written to his Mother

Message of sympathy for suicide of a teenager written to his mother will remind the mother that some things no matter how hard we try can’t be prevented. Even in a case like this there are bright moments to remember the son by. In this message of sympathy it is important to add as many positive experiences in connection with the teenager. Please feel free to add such moments. The letter could be written by an adult friend of the mother.

Message of Sympathy for a Suicide of a teenager written to his Mother

Dear Maria,

My heart aches for you for the loss of your son Brian. Words are not adequate to console you under the circumstances, all I can hope is to alleviate a little of the pain you’re feeling now and mourn with you.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could acquire our children’s suffering? If teenagers just would share their thoughts with their parents, we could help them find a way out of their dilemmas? We, as parents, are often powerless to protect our children from themselves. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to make sense of it all. It is incredibly sad to bury a child, even more so under the circumstances. Please know, you have many friends who are grieve stricken alongside you, and shed tears for your son and for you. God sometimes has plans, which are incomprehensible for us, but our destiny is in his hands. Please hold on to this thought during these trying times.

Children are like precious gifts that come into our life. As parents we have them only for a little while to care for and nurture. During that time we built a memory bank in our heart and store moments of pure happiness like morsels. No one can take these morsels of contentment away from us. If your sorrow gets unbearable, take refuge within yourself by conjuring up some of those precious moments your son bestowed on you. Brian’s first smile, his early words of expressing his love for you, his hugs along the way of childhood, his proud face when bringing home a good grade from school, I’m sure you can think of a multitude of other happy moments you shared with your son. Rather than dwelling in sadness and sorrow, concentrating on the good times we shared with our children will help to lessen the pain a little.

I want to be a good friend always, but especially now. Please use my shoulder to cry on and my time to talk to and be there for you. Don’t hesitate to call, day or night, when things get to unbearable to be on your own. I’ll be here for you; I come to your place and stay with you, anything that might bring you some comfort.

In deep sorrow, I send you my love and compassion.

Your friend,


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