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Message of Sympathy for a teenager written to her mother

Message of sympathy for a beloved daughter written to her mother will help the mother understand how her daughter impacted her school friends and the kind of memories they keep of her. Feel free in this message of sympathy to add additional special moments. This would be an appropriate letter written by a teenager in High school or Junior College.

Message of Sympathy for a teenager written to her mother

Dear Mrs. Sanders,

I heard of the tragic death of your daughter Susan in school. I’m truly sorry for your loss. For her to be ripped away from you so suddenly must fill your life and heart with incredible sadness. Why did this have to happen? It is hard for me to understand. I’m sure you’re asking this question as well. I don’t know the answer and I don’t know anyone else who does. I keep on crying when I think of her and wonder how it all can go on as usual. I miss her terribly, but I’m glad I got to know her for a little while. I’m sure that my shock and pain is nothing compared to yours.

We attended several classes together and often went to the study room to compare notes and help each other out. In the class room her seat is empty now, but if I close my eyes, I can see her sitting in her usual spot, in the third row to the left a bit. Your daughter’s skill in math was much more advanced than mine. I hope I’ve helped her in other areas. The nice thing was she never put me down even if she had to explain the same math problem several times over. I miss her company and her encouragement so much.

Sometimes we just hung out in the atrium talking about this or that including our families. The plan was to spend some time during the summer vacation together at each other’s house. Now, I’m so sorry, this will never happen. I can’t believe how quickly things changed. I want to let you know though how she spoke about you. Maybe that will cheer you up a little, if that is possible. Her words made me believe, Mrs. Sanders, that she greatly admired you. Susan always said when she was puzzled about some dilemma, “I’ll ask my Mom, she’ll help me figure out a way to solve a problem.” I thought that this was a great compliment to you and I looked forward to meeting you.

I hope that my note will let you know, that your daughter influenced my life and likely the lives of many other classmates. I feel special to have known her and appreciate the help she gave me and the time she spent with me. If I could give you just some comforting words during your time of sadness I surely would, but everything that comes to my mind seems so inadequate. I cherish the friendship Susan and I had for much too short a time. Those memories will always keep her in my heart. In time I hope your memories of her will also help you to mend your broken heart.

If you ever would like to talk about her, or just meet me, please call. It would be special to me.



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