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Message of Sympathy for a well respected Boss written to his employ

Message of sympathy for a Boss written to an employee. This is to convey sympathy for his loss and offer support during this hard times in a business environment. Feel free in this message of sympathy for a boss written to his employee sample letter to add other knowledge you may have had in regards to the boss. This is a more formal letter written by a business acquaintance.

Message of Sympathy for a well respected Boss written to his employ

Dear Mr. Jackson,

Just yesterday I received the sad news of Mr. Clayton’s passing. I can barely imagine what a loss his departure from this live is for his family and also for the company you work for, especially you. It must be difficult to maintain an expected business attitude, while mourning his death. After all you cared for him as a boss and employer as well as a fellow man you respected for his keen sense of fairness. Please accept my sincere sympathy.

You always spoke so highly of Mr. Clayton. From your description, Mr. Clayton was a man of integrity, who cared for his employees. He was a formidable business man and leader in the company. In the business world, the emotional side of losing someone often lacks understanding or is ignored. After all we spend so many hours each day in close proximity of our co-workers and employers, they become our secondary family. I appreciate how much you will miss his guidance on a professional level, and his personality as a boss. I’m sure he appreciated you as an employee. I hope this thought will help you with your grief.

On my next business trip to your company, I’d like to have dinner with you after our meeting. We can reminisce about the finer points of his leadership. After the many respectful remarks you made about your boss, I sure would like to know the man better. Talking about him might conjure up memories almost forgotten and ease the pain of loss you feel at present. I’d look forward to this opportunity.

In the meantime I send you my best regards and deepest sympathy

Kevin Hendricks

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