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Message of Sympathy for a young adult written to his parents

Message of sympathy for  a young adult written to the parents by a friend of the deceased to sympathize and help them through the grieving process. The writer is not necessarily familiar with the parents, but can help them understand the impact their adult child had among his friends. This message of sympathy for an adult child written to his parents can have other situations included with which the writer is familiar in regards to this young adult. The writer in this sample of sympathy is himself a young adult.

Message of Sympathy for a young adult written to his parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Benton,

I hardly could believe my eyes when I read that Jeff died. Jeff was far too young to leave this world. How incredibly sad his death must be for you. I can’t imagine the pain you must feel at this time to lose a son, who valued you as parents and spoke of you with reverence. I’m sorry, I never had the chance to meet you personally, but feel I know you through Jeff. These sad circumstances made me want to reach out to you and send you my deepest sympathy. I lost a great friend and I will miss him terribly, but my loss doesn’t compare to yours.

Hopefully my inadequate words will help you understand how valued your son was to his friends and acquaintances. It was Jeff who always helped a person in distress by giving his time to listen, paying for a meal when someone was broke, or help an elderly neighbor with their yard work or heavy lifting. He just was a genuine, good guy. I’m sure this had a lot to do with his upbringing. When my life was on a downward spiral, he was the one who encouraged me to look at my dilemmas from a different point of view, which ultimately brought my life back on track. My thanks go to you for raising such a valued member of our society, but it is all the sadder that his life was so short. We could all use a friend like he was in our life. I assure you, he will always be in my mind and I strife to follow his example of patience and kindness. He looked at life as a gift and lived accordingly. He leaves behind a great legacy to all of us. Even if his presence here was of short duration, he will not be forgotten.

I hope that my view of your son helps you overcome your grieve in time. As he influenced my life during our friendship, I’m sure he had many friends who will remember him the same way I do. By remembering all the good deeds he did, we will keep him alive in our minds and hearts. Hopefully the good memories you have of your son will help you during this desolate hours.

Please take care of yourself.


Markus Sutter

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