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Message of Sympathy for a younger brother written by a close friend

Message of sympathy for a younger brother, who was bedridden for a while suffering from a debilitating disease, written to his surviving brother by a friend. The good friend is encouraging the brother to remember the good times he experienced with his younger brother and hopefully find solace in the time they spent together while growing up. This message of sympathy is appropriate for an adult friend who is not necessary close to the deceased brother but a good friend of the surviving brother. Any additional sentiments or anecdotes can be included in this message.

Message of Sympathy for a younger brother written by a close friend

Dear Kirk,

I’m heartbroken to hear about your younger brother’s death. You talked about his prolonged illness the last time we spoke on the telephone, but you seemed encouraged that the new treatment he was under would help him to recover. I was hoping and praying that his recuperation would continue. With chagrin I was informed of his sudden turn for the worse and his passing. You two seemed to be so close it must be incredibly hard for you to go on without him.

At least he will no longer have to suffer. Hopefully this thought will bring you a small amount of consolation under the sad circumstances. It must be heartbreaking for you not to have your younger brother around anymore. Please hold on to your good memories, the times you spent with him at the hospital, but most of all to the memories when life still was simple and worry free while you plaid big brother to him. As your friend I know, I would have wanted a brother like you.

I never had the pleasure to meet your brother but feel like I know him for all the stories you told me of your spent youth together and your many fishing and camping trips. I still laugh about the bear, which didn’t know his boundaries and stole all your supply. If I remember correctly, you and your brother had to fish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the remainder of the trip. I love to hear these little tidbits of life and hope you will tell me more. Talking about your brother, recounting joint adventures keep a person lost to us in this life, close to our hearts. Let’s get together soon.

Please let me know if I can be of any help to you during your time of grieve. My door is always open to you, my friend.

Take care of yourself.


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