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Message of Sympathy for an Aunt written to her niece

Message of sympathy for a beloved aunt written to her niece will remind the niece of the importance of extended family and to acknowledge her loss. I t points out that many members of the family help shape the lives of the next generation. Feel free in this message of sympathy to include any other special memories in regards to the niece and her aunt. This letter would be appropriate for an adult person to send.

Message of Sympathy for an Aunt written to her niece

Dear Susan,

My heart is aching for you as a read the sad news of your aunt’s demise. You were precious to her and the feelings seemed to be mutual. She took great interest in you right from the start. Because you two had so many common interests, it was clear for anyone to see, how you were kindred spirits. Because of this, her departure from this life must be devastating for you. I’m truly sorry for your grieve and hope all the memories you and your aunt created will give you some solace at this time of mourning.

Extended family can brings much joy into our lives. I remember how your aunt beamed with bride over your accomplishments. She laughed when she told stories of the adventures that you two planned. From every trip, small or big, she brought home something to remember the outings with. Often it was a special looking stone or a particularly nice shell. With care she wrote your initials and the dates on the find. In the private, solitary moments, she fingered each morsel of the collection and smiled to herself. All this she told me over many cups of tea.

Please remember those times in your sadness and maybe the memories will bring a smile to your face too. She would really like that. For you, I hope these memories will mellow your grieve. Being close to your aunt may have brought you more sorrow right now, remember though, her input into your life helped shape your very being. Please take solace in that thought.

When you have time I would love to have some tea with you, in the tradition of your aunts and my get together. We can help each other recall some shared memories of your aunt.

Please take care in the meantime.

With sadness and warm regards

Melissa Collins

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