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Message of Sympathy for an infant son written to his family

Message of sympathy for an infant son written to his parents and siblings conveying the deep sorrow for the loss of their little son and brother. Hopefully the good memories, even if only for a short time can help the family in their sad circumstances. Feel free to add to this message of sympathy other memories of the little boy known to you. This message of sympathy could be written by a neighbor.

Message of Sympathy for an infant son written to his family

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Family

I’m so sorry for the loss of your infant son. What can I write that would lighten your grieving hearts? I sit on the kitchen table trying to find words of comfort, but I believe they don’t exist; only tears pool in my eyes and gently trickle down onto the blank sheet of paper. Life is always precious and we question why some lives have to be so short. On this side of eternity that question will not be answered, we just have to trust in God’s wisdom, a trying task under these circumstances. My sadness is great for your family. I can barely imagine your incredible sorrow. My warmest sympathy goes to you and your family.

Little Michael came into your life for much too short a time. In the time he was with you, I know he brought joy to your family and I hope you can take some solace from those precious moments he bestowed upon you. I remember the spring day you introduced me to little Michal in your front yard. He gave me this cute baby smile and that moment I will carry in my heart forever. May you have memories of him the same way and remember him by these precious occasions. Sometimes these moments are all we have left after we lose someone close to our heart. I pray that your family will find the strength to overcome the sadness caused by his untimely departure. Michel is in a warm and save place now, maybe God just needed a little angel by his side. I hope this thought will provide you with some comfort.

What can I do to help you? If you need someone to watch the children, please don’t hesitate to call.

My warmest wishes for you and your family in this time of sadness.


Mary Haas

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